Lily stayed a few feet behind her sister Amanda. They were walking to their high school. Lily knew though that Amanda always ditched school every few weeks to go out with her college boyfriend. She was seventeen and Lily was fourteen. Lily always looked up to her older sister.

"Amanda?" Lily asked.

"What?" Amanda asked in an annoyed voice.

"Did you bring your textbooks to return?" It was near the end of the school year and they had to bring their textbooks to return to the school.

"Oh right!" Amanda turned around and started running. "Wait there!"

Lily looked at her watch. They were going to be late. She waited anyway. A few minutes later, she heard a scream.

"Amanda?" Lily started running. Her heart missed a beat when she saw the reason for the scream. Amanda was sitting on the ground with all her books next to her. She was looking up at a strange creature flying in the air. It looked very much like a human. It had large swooping wings and a big hood that covered its head. It wore a long coat. The creature landed on the floor in front of Amanda. It was very tall. When it took its hood off, Lily could see that it had very pale skin. It was a boy. He looked as old as Amanda. The boy folded his wings neatly behind him.

Lily was hiding behind a corner. She watched as he walked closer to Amanda and grabbed her arm.

Amanda shrieked again. Lily finally ran over.

"What are you doing to my sister?" she yelled.

He looked at her, surprised. "She looks tasty," the boy smiled and revealed two long, fang-like teeth, "and I'm hungry. Now if you'll excuse me." He spread his wings again.

"What?! You're going to eat my sister?" Lily asked unbelievingly.

"I'm a vampire if you haven't noticed yet," he replied and rolled his eyes. Then he muttered, "You humans are so stupid."

Amanda started crying.

"No! Don't take me! Please! I beg you!" she looked up to the vampire and started sobbing hysterically.

"Shut up!" He raised his other hand as if about to slap her. Lily stepped up to the boy.

"Don't take her. Take me," she held out her arm to him. The vampire looked over her as if studying her. Then he shook his head.

"Why do you want to take her place?" the vampire nodded at the sniveling Amanda.

"Because she's my sister and I don't want you to harm my sister!" Lily took his hand and wretched it away from Amanda's hand. She took that chance to run. In a second, Amanda was out of sight.

"Fine then," he said after a moment of hesitation. He grabbed Lily's hand. She felt air rush by her as he flapped his wings. Her feet left the floor. The vampire grabbed her back and carried her whole body up. Lily was being held against his cold chest. She was amazed to feel that he had no heart beat. She looked down at the ground. Soon, she could see the whole village. Then she was being flown above the woods. No villagers were ever allowed into the woods.

"Are we going into the woods?" she asked fearfully.

"Yes, that is where my home is," he answered. Lily shut her eyes tightly. A few tears fell. She didn't know it but the boy was watching her.