"Go, Angelina. Go find him and make him yours," an old finger pointed out from the shadow. A young woman in mostly black and some gold with pale, creamy skin was kneeling in front of where the voice came from.

"Thank you, Dark Mother," she got up and exited the small but nicely furnished cabin. Outside was cold, for winter had arrived. The woman left no footsteps in the newly fallen snow because she had transformed into a bat and was flying north.

She landed in the opening of the tunnel leading to Lance's cave. With a small smile on her face, she slowly walked in, looking around at the green crystals. Finally, she reached the cave and gasped in horror. There was a girl in Lance's cave! Not any girl, but a human girl. She was wearing a very revealing dress and twirling around in from of Lance.

"W-w-who are you?" Angelina sputtered. Lance was looking at her with a strange look on his face.

"Angelina? Is that you? What are you doing here?"

Lily looked between the two vampires, a little frightened. The vampire Lance called Angelina suddenly flipped her hair and looked at Lance with an enchanting smile.

"The Dark Mother decided you needed a partner. She thought we would make good…offspring." Lily suddenly felt a prick of jealousy. She looked down at the floor as Angelina fixed her cold stare on her.

"And what in the world are you doing with a human Lance?" she smiled, "Were you waiting for me to come and share her with you?" Lily swore she saw her eyes flicker yellow for a second.

"How sweet of you Lance," Angelina pouted her porcelain face, "But if the Dark Mother finds out, you'd be in some bat dung. And I wouldn't be able to be with you. The Dark Mother does want me to have the best. So why don't we just…share her blood," her words came out strangely as her fangs grew longer and her eyes turned golden yellow.

Lance walked in front of Lily, protecting her.

"Stop it Angelina. I will not permit this in my home. Leave now," he said firmly and pointed at the tunnel.

"Ooo…selfish aren't you. You're acting like you're bound," Angelina's expression suddenly changed to one of shock.

"Are you bound? You mean you…" she trailed off. Lily looked at her from behind Lance, confused.

"No!" she backed away, "Why did you do it? Was it because you wanted to?" Lance shook his head, "I was in danger of…expiring. She saved me." He took Lily's hand and pulled her even closer to him. Angelina's fangs grew again and her eyes turned yellow again.

"Guess I'll just have to…compete with her for you then," she licked her lips menacingly.