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The Partners in Crime Prevention Team:
The Slick Slack Pack

"Freddy Prince Johnson! Get down here right now!" his mother screamed. "You're in big trouble now!"
Freddy came running down the stairs. He stood straight in front of his mother. "What did I do mom?"
"I asked you to wash the dishes, you didn't do that," started Freddy's mom. "I asked you to take out the trash, you didn't do that. I asked you do the laundry, you didn't do that either. I even asked you to feed the cat, you didn't do that! Your own freaking cat!"
"But I was busy!" Freddy whined.
"Doing what?!" She shouted.
"I was - uh - well - um - I was doing - ugh - well, I can't actually tell you."
"You can't tell me." said his mother. "And why, pray tell, can you not tell me? Are some kind of secret agent or undercover super hero." She laughed to herself. Freddy blushed.
"I was just busy yesterday. Okay?"
"Just do what I told you to do."
Freddy groaned and walked into the kitchen. He fed the cat. Then he took out the trash. After that, he washed the dishes. And last but not least, he did laundry.
He sat in his room. Bored. There was nothing to do. He waited for the Distress Emergency Phone to ring.
Finally! He thought, quickly answering the phone. "Hello?... Okay... Yeah... Right now!... Well, I'll try to make it. Only if I can sneak out without my mom noticing. She yelled at me an hour or so ago... Oh yeah... No problem... Just doing my job. Okay! I'll be there... Okay, good-bye... YES! Now, good-bye... BYE!" Freddy hung up the phone.
He ran into his bathroom, clothes in arms. Freddy quickly changed into his costume. He walked over to window. Opening it, he crawled out. "Computer Boy off to the secret headquarters!" He whispered to himself. Using the electrical power of the power lines he was able to soar over the city of Netherten. In some parts when the power lines were less common, he would lose height and speed.
When he reached the headquarters, he said hello to the guard. The guard let him inside the giant building. Computer boy walked to through the paths of the building. He reached the mains screen, where most of the electrical equipment was, this made Computer Boy feel re-energized. "Hello, Master Fractal."
"Hello, Fre - sorry, Computer Boy. How was your trip?"
"It was fine. Same as usual." he laughed. Computer Boy noticed that there were two people in costumes standing next to Master Fractal. They were about his height. But the one that had a females figure was somewhat taller. "Who are they?" he asked, pointing to them.
"These," Master Fractal began, "are your new partners in crime prevention." Master Fractal gave Computer Boy a look of, "How do you feel about this?"
"What?!" Computer Boy shouted. "Why in the world would you get me "partners in crime prevention"? I work solo. I don't need any loser sidekicks!"
"They aren't your sidekicks. They're your partners." Said Master Fractal calmly. "This is Fabric Girl." He said, motioning towards the female figure. Then motioning to the other figure, he said, "And this is Rapper Roar."
"Rapper Roar?" said Computer Boy, putting his hand to his forehead and sighing.
"Yeah, Rapper Roar," growled Rapper Roar. "You got a problem with that?" Fabric Girl nodded in agreement.
Rapper Roar would have continued yelling but Computer Boy had zapped his hand. It was like a shock when you touch something after rubbing real fast for a long time.
"Well," began Master Fractal. "Now that you all have met. We have a crisis on our hands. They call themselves the Slick Slack Pack. They've been stealing priceless jewelry from jewelry stores and other stores that carry it. So far, they've stolen over six million dollars worth. They must be stopped."
"Sounds easy enough." Computer Boy said in a cocky tone. "Can you babies handle it?"
Rapper Roar leaped at him, fangs sharp and ready for the bite. But Computer Boy gave a little whiff of his electric shock. Rapper Roar jumped around as his nerves went haywire. Fabric Girl wrapped a soft blanket around him to calm him down.
"Do they have their own ZIPs?" Computer Boy asked Master Fractal. "And if they do, can they drive them yet?"
"Yes and yes." Answered Master Fractal. "Also, one of our undercover guards were able to stick a tracking device on one of the Packers. The components have been programmed into your ZIP computers already. So you are ready for take off.
Computer Boy, Fabric Girl, and Rapper Roar walked to the ZIPs. Oh how cute. Computer Boy thought sarcastically. Fabric Girl has a purple ZIP. And look, Rapper Roar has his painted like a tiger.
The three loaded up into their ZIP's and slowly lifted off the ground. The large garage like door opened up so they could fly out. Computer Boy checked his computer (on the ZIP) to find out where the Slick Slack Pack were currently. They were in some kind of warehouse. It must be their hideout because they're isn't any jewelry in that rundown piece of crud.
Computer Boy led the group through the empty sky. He checked his watch. It was almost noon. His mother surely new by now that he had snuck out. Computer Boy flew towards green dot blinking on the screen. Suddenly, Rapper Roar's wretched face appeared on the screen.
"Well, hello there." Rapper Roar said cheerfully. Computer Boy gave him an odd look, with one eyebrow raised and mouth fixture slanted. "I was just wondering, how much longer do you think it will take to get to where ever we're going?"
"Has anyone ever told you the saying that goes, 'Patience is a virtue.'? Because you could really use some patience right now. But, just for the record, it's about thirty more seconds until we get to the warehouse."
"The warehouse?" questioned Rapper Roar. "What do we need from there?"
"That's where the Slick Slack Pack is Smarty Pants." Computer Boy laughed to himself, thinking about how stupid Rapper Roar was. Rapper Roar blushed in embarrassment. He had never been so humiliated in his life.
They reached the warehouse and landed their ZIPs a in an alley where no one would see them. They carefully snuck onto the roof. Not much power was being used. Computer Boy could feel it. He was feeling weaker than usual. He may have to sit this one out. And let his new "partners in crime prevention" prevail over him, no way!
Fabric girl turned part of the roof into a soft silk so that Rapper Roar could slash through and they could use it as an entry way. Computer Boy gave them credit for smart thinking, but he kept it to himself. They crawled through. Computer Boy felt a lot less power creeping around inside the dark warehouse. This would be hard for him.
They hid behind some large crates watching the Slick Slack Pack talk about all the jewelry they've stolen. They were also discussing where their next attack would be.
Rapper Roar jumped into the center of them and began rapping his terrible raps. "Yo, what up. It's Rapper Roar here to please your greatest desire! Oh wait wrong sentence and I think it sounded great! Let's put you freaks in jail..." he continued his terrible raps. The Packers screamed and covered their ears. The rapping was so bad it hurt their ears. Computer Boy and Fabric Girl wore their special ear plugs so they didn't have to listen to it. They watched his mouth until it stopped moving. That was the signal to take the earplugs out.
Fabric ran over and began wrapping the men in fabric so they could not get out. Computer Boy zapped them in the head to knock them unconscious. But his power was to low and it only gave them mini zaps in their heads. Fabric Girl and Rapper Roar gave Computer Boy strange looks. She made sure all the men were tied well and then motioned for Rapper Roar to carry them to the ZIPs.
"Wait," started Computer Boy. "Just help me to the ZIPs and then I can lift the guys over there."
"Are you sure?" asked Fabric Girl. He nodded. "Okay. I'll help you to the ZIPs. Rapper Roar figured he didn't have to do anything so he dropped the guy he was holding. Fabric Girl turned around and gave him a, "Carry one of them Pa-lease!" look. Rapper Roar sighed, but lifted the man again and began to walk with them to the ZIPs.
When they reached the Zunine Interior Pods and turned them on, Computer Boy felt better than new. He easily lifted the rest of the four men up with static shock and placed them into the ZIPs' trunks.
They all got into their special ZIPs and took off. Computer Boy popped up onto Fabric Girl's and Rapper Roar's screen. He said, "Just follow me to the jail." They nodded in agreement.
Off the three flew, through the big blue sky with the bright sun shining. The landed in front of the jail and threw the tied up men out of the ZIPs. Then they hid the ZIPs and returned to the yelling men. Computer Boy, Fabric Girl, and Rapper Roar dragged the men into the jail and dropped them off. "These are the guys that have been robbing the jewelry stores." Computer Boy told the officer that sitting at desk.
He leaned over to see the men. "Well, okay kids. Thanks. You're Computer Kid aren't you?" he asked.
"Computer Boy," he corrected. "And these are my partners in crime prevention, Fabric Girl and Rapper Roar." They smiled at him. He had finally accepted them into the group.
They left the jail and headed out to their ZIPs.
"So, are we headed back to headquarters?" Rapper Roar asked.
So, off they went, through the big blue sky -- "would you stop talking about the 'big blue sky'! I, Computer Boy barked." - Sorry. So, off they went, they flew to the headquarters. [There, happy?!]
When they arrived, they parked the ZIPs in the garage. They told Master Fractal that they had locked the members of the Slick Slack Pack and left for home.
Computer Boy snuck back into his room through the window. He quickly changed and was once again, Freddy Prince Johnson. He had been gone for almost two hours. He was sure his mother would come up yelling. But, to his surprise, she never found out about being gone, or did she.
"Freddy!" she yelled up at him from downstairs.
He gulped. "Y-yeah, mom?"
"Will you clean your room please!" Freddy smiled. All was well.

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