Heyla.  Oddly enough, this is a result of too much time at the computer staring at an Angel Sanctuary winamp skin called "Rosiel" by Van, featuring the character of the same name.  The skin basically consists of (obviously) Rosiel—who is pure white with the most beautiful golden eyes—looking out intensely at the viewer.  Since I was staring at such a beautiful image, Avi up and attacked me.  *sighs*  It started with the phrase "Silent Watcher" and then I just started frantically writing from there.  Ten minutes and a few quick edits later, this is the end result.

I also posted this on fanfiction.net because this poem also describes Hinoto-hime from CLAMP's title X/1999.  But really, this was meant to be an original poem, and I think it belongs here on fictionpress.com, too.


Silent Watcher
By Windsong
Written 29 May 2004

Hands stretched open, frozen by her sides
Screams falling from her open palms
Eyes wide open, no one home
Sound shatters silently upon the crystalline floor

Wind in her hair, motion in her soul, she stays soundless, a voiceless voice
Silence and stillness, chaos and violence
The universe held in her timeless gaze
Truth, death, joy, life—all held in her small form

Watcher, what are you waiting for?
Hoping for a love she will never find
Wishing for a sight she will never see
Waiting for a light that never dies

Tiny white bundle in her small white room—
White on white, taint upon taint
Where does reality end and dreams begin?
Trapped in eternity, fighting for a humanity she cannot feel

Silent Watcher, pray for me?
Let me see as your eyes see...
And I will give you everything.


That's it.  I honestly cannot tell whether I like it or not.  My mind is too darned fuzzy to do anything but cry for sleep.  Gah, I'm getting soft...*mutters*

My final verdict is: never ever EVER go on a 7-hour winamp skin binge unless you want creepy things (like badly written poetry) to start attacking you.

Comments/reviews adored and desired as always. 

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