~If I could, I would~

If I could lay here for hours beneath the trees,
As they cast off their leaves with the wind,
Autumn shades floating slowly to the earth,
As they come to rest upon my outstretched hands.

I would lay here and gaze into the heavens,
The sky lit in a great shimmering blaze,
A great conflagration of crimson and gold,
That takes its color from the sinking red sun.

If I could lay here until the sun is long set,
As the light slowly fades away into darkness,
And Shadows glide across the earth and lengthen,
Shift and change with each passing breeze.

I would lay here and watch the moon rise,
As slowly stars appear, shining one by one,
And pale azure clouds drift and fade,
Twinkling high above me in a sky now blue.

If I could lay here when the moon is high,
And night has descended upon the land,
illuminated by an endless stream of stars,
Set like jewels in the dark midnight sky.

I would lay here breathing the night,
As cool breezes whirl about the trees,
"je te reve jusqu'a le soleil apparait,"
Dreaming of you until the sun rises.