The boardwalk shivers with the many passing feet.
They walk straight over,
I fall through the cracks.
I look up as the sun shines brightly through the cracks,
But fades as it hits this underworld.
The dust silently falls into my eyes,
I'm crying now.

I can hear the rasped voices of people,
And hear the insane laughter,
Others are down here,
But we are all alone,
Many of them have gone insane.
The dust continues to fall,
I curl up in the darkness and attempt to sleep.

Can you not fill the cracks with cement?
Gives us another chance to walk over,
Let us prove ourselves,
We can live the life you will us to.
Raise us from the dark?
Let us live.
Please fill the cracks.

By Siobhan
Date: 30/May/2004