The razor slices in so deep
In my throat I try to keep
The screams that fight me
The demons that I see
Betrayal is pretty bad when you pride yourself on your loyalty
But it seems like my back getting stabbed is just meant to be
Don't matter, 'cause the razor relieves the stress I feel
The pain is a nice escape, so true and real
Red blood courses out of my wrist
And you can bet I'm pissed
It slices through the skin so nicely
But what it takes away is so pricely
So I wrap the gauze and put the razor down
But too late, the blood's soaked my gown
As I cry out, I realize no one can hear
The only vision is a dusty old mirror
I watch to see a reflection of me
A reflection of the sad demon that is to be
Goodbye, physical world
Yeah, this is something I pictured in my head, but I'm not gonna do it
because I don't believe in taking the easy way out, but I can't stop myself
from picturing it. Unfortunately, I have to picture it all the time,
though I really don't want to. So yeah, I think everyone's FELT suicidal
at one point or another, but it's our choice to be weak and do it or be
strong and tough it out. I just wanted to write this, because it's been
haunting me for a while and I'm hoping this will help get it out of my
head. If you can't tell, I've been going through a REALLY shitty time in
my life right now which is why I feel like this, but I'll be strong like I
always am, so don't worry or anything. And please don't read this and
think it would be cool to do. It's not really a praiseworthy poem, but