~Game over~

Stop it!

Your Killing her!

Leave her alone!

Your gaze shooting through her like bullets

Love then draining from her wounds

It just isn't fair

Your Game!

Not her too!

Please stop!

Placing a noose of kisses around her neck

Pulling them so tightly together

Walking her to the gallows while holding her hand

You did it to me!

I can't watch!

Spare her!

The cool knife so lovingly drawn across her pale skin

Undeserving pale skin

You marvel in the color of her blood

Red, the color of love

Why her!


Leave her be!

Your warm hands tight around her neck

As tight as your loving embrace

She can't hold much longer!

I want to tell her it will be over soon!

I should know!

Your poison you drip into her martini glass

And you drink a toast to an everlasting love


Game over!

No love left in her!

For you to breathe in!

For you to thrive on!


You turn with your bottle of poison tight in your fist

With your radar you spot the next victim

And you shoot the first murderous arrow

Your cupids arrow

Right back at me

It hits me dead on

And I being to die again

Why her!

Why me!

Why you?

Why love?

(A/n- a poem sparked by a semi real experience unfortunately. Let's see how many girls he can get before they stop falling and playing his game)