Dear Reader,
These books are the foundation of the republic of Macrolith. This is how love can bring about great change both for good and evil. Our government has earlier roots, but these five women are the most important women in all of our history. These books are set in the fourth dynasty of the royal Nanatè family. This chronoclizes the lives Queen Allia, Queen Rispah, Princess Cassius, Princess Obidiah, and Queen Keeton from an insider's point of view not a royal scholar's, for we all know that sometimes scholars will change such important details that should be available. All in all, I hope you find this as educational and enjoyable as I, even I my research. Thus begins THE ROYAL CHRONICLES OF MACROLITH.

The man paced back and forth hurriedly. His wife's screams could be heard all the way on this side of the castle even with the dastardly thunderstorm. He prayed to all of the gods the both wife and child survived the night. He was growing old and still had no heir to his principality. Of course, his wife always reminded him, thirty isn't really that old.
He was, however, extremely happy for the babe was to be a boy. Someone I can teach to fight, the man thought proudly, I'll make sure my child gets the best fighting education no matter what. I'll even swear it. Then he met a drab thought after this swearing. His wife, no matter how many told her, kept insisting that the child would be a girl. If it is, the man thought, I'll have to uphold that promise.
A servant came rushing in. "Sir, begging your pardon, but I have great tidings of joy," the servant stated, "Your wife has just finished delivering the babe. Wait, sir, I am not done!" The man didn't hear. He ran past the servant and rushed to his wife and his bedroom. His wife looked pale as she took the babe in her arms. "Ah, so you are the one who has been kicking me all this time," she addressed the babe, "I have the perfect name for you. You shall be called Allia." "Allia, but 'tis a girl's name. A lad shouldn't have a lass' name," the man protested. "You are correct, my dear, but this is no boy. Did you not hear?" she replied, "I sent Yvonea to tell you. This babe is a girl."