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Chapter 3: See You Never, I Hope

The next morning Allia awoke. She stumbled down to breakfast. Allia sat down at the hard wooden table. She started to eat her porridge, when she looked up. About ten people stared at her. She stood abruptly and started to turn from the room. The person at the head stood up and walked towards her.
"Allia, how nice of you to join us, my daughter," her father, the Duke told her, "I have conferred with my councilors about this trip to the capital you want to go on and----"
"And I may go?" she asked her eyes gleaming with excitement.
"Dear, that is the thing. I can't leave my province at the moment," he replied, the sparkle drained from her eyes, "I'm truly sorry, but the trip will have to wait."
"Father, you've told me for at least a year, we would be going to the Great Fair this year. You have also told me I could be a page in the month of O'pek when the festivities end," Allia's voice started to rise, "Why should I not go and stay at the rooms you hold in the palace?"
"I do not trust you, my daughter," he replied without hesitation, "To do just that. Anywise, how would you get there?"
The prince, who had been listening all of the argument, stated, "She could ride back with my party. I'll put my best guards on her tail day and night. Let your daughter enjoy herself and become a page in the fall."
"How could you be sure she would be fine?" the older man snapped.
"I'll command them to watch her like hawks. Do you not trust me," the prince paused, then continued, "Old friend?" Old friend, Allia thought in confusion, How is my father friend to such a fellow.
"Alright," the Duke agreed, "but it is your word."
The prince smiled then replied, "Have I ever lied before, to you?"

"Look at you, already leaving me. My only daughter," the Duchess started to bawl. Allia rolled her eyes, her mother could be so dramatic sometimes.
"Mother, it's not like I'm going to die," Allia continued packing, " At least not for four years," she added smiling." It only made her mother cry louder. "Mum, I was just joking," Allia tried to calm down her mother.
"Dear, someday you'll learn most jokes you tell aren't funny," her mother stopped crying long enough to reply, "I hope you learn more than just that though."
"Goodbye, mother." Allia grimaced as her mother embraced her. "See you never. I hope."

When Allia finally made it downstairs, she ran to the carriage the prince was to let her ride in. I'm so glad the dolt brought carriages, she thought rather meanly, There is enough rain to flood the whole country with. When she arrived in the carriage, she sighed in relief at the food and pillows that awaited her. She barely remembered laying down her head.
Jesseran stared out his carriage window. He thought about the strange girl in the carriage behind him. She was rather interesting. Suddenly his thoughts turned to his brother. His faced darkened in worry. He hoped his brother wouldn't return from his trip to early, but what if he did. Jesseran would have to watch out for the girl and himself. He silently cursed. What kind of power game was he dragging her into?