I haven't failed!
I just found 10,000 things
That doesn't make you love me,
Including bracelets and rings.
Perhaps I will try another way
That will make you love the way I want you to.
Even though I've tried giving you my all,
You just seem to hate everything I do...

This unrequited love is too hard for me to bear,
So please, spare me a thought when you blow me apart
Because it drives me crazy that I don't have you.
Next time, you might break and shatter my delicate heart.
You know it hurts me every time you reject my love, right?
And you know that you tear my heart out every time you say no.
So why do you put me through all this painful pain?
Why must you make me tell all these tales of Woe?

Every night that you are not my girl, I cry myself to sleep
Because all I ever wanted was just you, you and you.
In fact, if I had three wishes, I would spend them all on you.
Do you know why? Because my love for you is... True.
So every morning I think of new ways to make you love me.
Each day brings me a fresh hope that I will succeed.
And if I was to ever accomplish my ultimate task
You would be the one and only thing I will ever need.

But for now, it's back to the drawing board
And time to think of new, imaginative and untried ways.
I know you think that my love will just fade away,
But my heart tells me that this isn't just a short phase.
I know I will win your heart, because nothing is impossible,
Although the probability of me winning your heart
Is something like one in ninety-nine billion.
But my persistence is something of an art...
I haven't failed!