Help me... I need a saviour
This love of mine is killing me...
I was lied to.
They told me love is a healer.
They told me time is a healer.
They lied.

Help me... My life is at stake.
The love I feel is breaking my heart,
And not mending it like they told me it would.
My heart just wanted somebody to love,
Somebody that would return the love.
But all I got was unrequited love.
And it kills me inside.

I tried to pretend that it doesn't hurt.
I tried to pretend my heart is in one piece,
But inside, my soul is ripped to pieces by love.
My mind is fried and scrambled by love.
My body is battered and beaten by love.
My heart is broken and shattered...
... By my unrequited love.

Won't you help me?
Won't you try and help piece together
The pieces of my broken heart?
Won't you spend some time with me
To complete this jigsaw that is my heart?

... I guess not, then...

Don't mind this tear running down my face:
It doesn't mean too much...
I'll go and die now...