The Girlfriend's Point of View By- Jennycraig10 1/1

All the heartbreaking, addictive love stories are the stories about a guy, most likely popular, and a girl, most likely a geek, and the whole falling in love happens while the guy still has a cheerleader bitchy girlfriend. That's what the girlfriend is for, to just play an obstacle in the love story, to have everyone cheer for the guy and girl.

This is exactly what happened to me. I had a boyfriend who had a love story, but not with me, with another girl. It's the typical romance. My boyfriend was popular and the girl less so. I am a cheerleader, but the only difference is I'm not a bitch. Usually everyone hears the main guy and main girl point of view, but whatever happened to the girlfriend's point of view, the girlfriend who has to watch her boyfriend fall in love with someone else?

My name is Melissa and I am the girlfriend of a boy who fell in love with another girl. At first when it happened, I didn't notice. Or maybe it was just I didn't want to notice. I've been dating my boyfriend, Timothy, for about a year. Everything was stable, and I was happy. He was too, at least in the beginning. I guess I just never really noticed that something was missing, that there was an empty space in his heart, a space I couldn't fill.

He met the girl, Holly, during our senior year. He was sort of lacking in grades and Holly was the teacher choice for a tutor. At first off the two didn't get along. Timothy would always complain about her on our dates. Maybe the fact that he kept whining about her was a sign that he liked her..... Oh well, I guess I didn't really notice.

Slowly though, their relationship went from hatred to a sort of bond. I thought it was nothing. Truthfully I was relieved, thinking that he finally would stop talking about her and we could just be how we used to be. I thought it was nice they had a friendship and I was actually grateful to Holly for helping Timothy with his grades. I knew his parents wanted him to succeed in school and I knew Holly could help him with that.

One day after school, I was at the front entrance, waiting for Timothy to be done with his basketball practice. I saw Holly heading towards the front entrance, carrying armloads of books. Feeling gratitude towards her I went to help. At first she was shocked and was even shy. Yet she allowed me to help her. We ended up having a cheerful conversation and I began to seek her friendship. I just knew she was good at heart and I just knew she was.... She was a friend.

Suddenly Timothy arrived and as he placed his arm around me I saw Holly wince. I could tell she was uncomfortable but there was something else.. But I paid no mind to it; I just thought I was overanalyzing everything. Yet, I still felt a nagging feeling deep down, like I should be noticing something right under my nose.

That feeling was always there from then on. A few more months pass and things really changed between Timothy and I. He began canceling most of our dates, spending more time studying and so on. At school, he was holding me less, and every time we sat in the cafeteria I always felt and saw his eyes searching the crowd of students, searching for someone. Searching for her.

I was seeing the signs. I could tell. Every time we kissed, the kissed was fast never as passionate as it was. He didn't hug me; hold hands, and always missed important events. I knew it wasn't Holly's fault, no matter how jealous I became. I just couldn't bring myself to blame Timothy or to hate Holly.

Finally one day changed it all. It was raining and I was coming over to Timothy's house as a surprise, to give him a gift. I bought him an angel statue, the angel of love. But I stopped a foot away from the steps that led up to his door. Standing on his porch was he and Holly. Both were soaking wet, and I saw Holly crying. Timothy hands were on her arms, and he was looking into her eyes, speaking forcefully. The rain was pounding hard so the only words I could hear was, " - I can't help how I feel.. Melissa ... and I.. You are the only one Holly..."

I didn't need to hear all. The way they looked at each other, the way Timothy spoke. I saw the love in his eyes as he talked to her. But there was something else in his eyes when he looked at Holly, something that was never there when he looked at me. There was the love.. But also... It was as if the emptiness in his eyes were finally filled with warmth as he looked at Holly....

That was when I knew... The realization was a real shock to me. So shocking that I dropped the angel. Timothy and Holly turned and saw me. It was then that I realized I had tears on my face. The look of guilt on both their faces were too much that I couldn't handle it..... So I ran.

Timothy ran after me, but that made me run faster, faster than I ever ran before. I ran until I knew he stopped following and finally I slowed to a walk. I walked home, got in bed still with my wet clothes, and cried.

That whole weekend I kept to myself, always at home. Crying mostly. Timothy kept calling me, even Holly. Finally when I felt I was okay, I called Timothy and told him to come over.

Timothy looked like a mess. When I opened the door he immediately hugged me. He kissed the top of my head as he muttered how worried he was and how sorry he was. I told him to sit and when he did he began to explain how I must have misunderstood the scene with him and Holly. I knew that wasn't true. I understood perfectly.

I was surprisingly calm as I sat down, looking into Timothy's eyes. I just knew what to say. I said to him that yes it did hurt when I saw him talking to Holly. But at the same time I knew it was a good thing. I was happy he was able to find someone to make him happy. The only problem was that that person wasn't me. I took his face into my hands and smiled a sad smile. I told him to be happy. I knew Timothy loved me, and at the beginning it was the love of a lover. But now his love for me was just friendly. I knew Timothy would give his life to shield me from pain. I also knew that if I didn't break up with him then, he would have stayed with me for he would think that would make me happy. Knowing all that made me love Timothy more, which made me realize I had to give him up for him to be truly happy...

So I told him to leave my home and find Holly and to tell her he loved her and to just be with her.

At first he was reluctant, feeling guilty as ever. But I finally was able to talk sense into him He soon left my home after we said goodbye. We both cried, and we both laughed. We both knew that we would always be friends and always loved each other, but we knew what was ending. As I watched his back walk away from me I felt a little emptiness, a sad feeling. I knew it was the end of a lot of memories. I realized I had finally done the one thing I never thought I would do...

I let him go.

It has now been a year since then. Timothy and Holly are still happily together, and I keep in touch with them once in a while. I am happy the two are together, more than I thought I would be.

As for me, what is there left? I guess I'm still on my own, never finding that perfect someone to complete me yet. I do believe that there's a love story for everyone, just like Timothy's and Holly. Everyone just has to wait for it to happen though...

And when mine comes, I know it's going to be a love story worth waiting for...

The End.