The first couple weeks of school were always the hardest, Isabelle thought as she walked down the hall to all-school meeting. Especially in a new school, trying to make friends. So far, Cameron had remained strictly her opinionated carpool friend, and Chrissy didn't talk to her much; too busy flirting with the most popular seniors. Isabelle saw Bryan sometimes between classes, and he winked at her. She usually scowled, and kept walking down the hall, annoyed by his constant whistling to Beatles' songs. But there was something about him, an interesting sparkle in his eye that made Isabelle smile sometimes. Jaime usually hung out with everyone, including Isabelle. She was gorgeous and funny, and never ceased to amaze her. So far, Jaime was the most decent person at this school, with the exception of Jenny, who she'd become close with quickly. The two girls were inseparable, and usually talked with this very pretty, snotty Spanish girl named Rosa. She was perfect in every way and knew it, but you had to love her.

Once in the gym for the all-school meeting, Isabelle searched for Jenny and Rosa. She didn't talk to many people other than them, and usually felt a little lost by herself.

"Isabelle, you ho, get your cute ass over here!" Rosa called from a corner of the gym. Isabelle laughed; a typical Rosa comment. The gym was bustling with students, and Isabelle had to push past about twenty couples making out, and an entire section of druggies to get to Rosa and Jenny. A few guys gawked at Isabelle, but she remained indifferent. None of them were the boy in English class. She had learned a little bit about him so far. His name was Adam, he was six feet tall, and definitely did play the guitar. He lived in one of the wealthiest parts of town, and apparently used his free time to play in his band and get high. Sometimes, after their increasing eye contact in English, he would give her a wink on the way out the door. It was different than Bryan's wink, though. Adam's was intriguing and sort of sexy. It made Isabelle's heart stop. Bryan's just annoyed her. She finally reached Jenny and Rosa, and grinned at them, sliding onto the floor, her head on Jenny's lap.

"So, Isabelle," Jenny began, pulling her thin blonde hair out of its ponytail, as though she were about to discuss some juicy gossip, "What's up with Adam?" She enunciated his name like he was Kurt Cobain or something. Rosa just rolled her eyes and took a bite of her turkey sandwich. She had to be the only person who ate her lunch at nine in the morning. Apparently, that meant she wouldn't be fat for ballet class, six hours later. She was also never interested in anything anybody ever had to say.

Isabelle blushed. Adam was sitting right over there! "Um, I don't know. He's cute, I guess."

"Yeah, he is! And he's probably into you, babe!" Jenny squealed, sounding too perky for a morning of school. Isabelle laughed. Yeah, right. Adam had half of the girls at this school on him. Isabelle was just one. He wouldn't ever notice her, let alone be into her. Then again, there was English had become her favorite class lately. She smiled. Wonder why that was.

When Jenny and Rosa weren't looking, Isabelle stole a glance across the room, just to see Adam. And there he was, in the middle of all of the jocks. He had to be the only non-jock who could hang out with all of them. She sighed. He was totally gorgeous. And totally taken. Isabelle had overheard Cynthia Brooks telling Chrissy that he was dating the most popular sophomore ALREADY. Ugh. Isabelle had no chance in the world. And then he was looking at her and her heart stopped again. Isabelle loved the way his eyes became one with hers, merging, as though she could see past those eyes, undress him with hers..and she realized she had to stop thinking. Maybe Adam looked at her, maybe he smiled, but she couldn't forget where they both stood on the social ladder. Isabelle then decided that she was being a complete ditz and told her mind to shut up. She didn't turn away when Adam kept staring at her, and then all-school meeting was over. He got up, he was walking toward her, and-

"Izzay! My beey-atch!" Isabelle rolled her eyes, and slapped Bryan's open hand. He grabbed Jenny around the waist as he and Isabelle high-fived, in Bryan's strange fashion. Isabelle got the feeling that Bryan hung around her to get closer to Jenny. And it was annoying as shit.

"Bryan," Isabelle muttered, "Can you please fuck off?" Bryan seemed to shake it off, being the "chill" guy he was, but she could see that he was a little hurt. Still, she really, really wanted to see Adam. But when she turned back around, he had left. Isabelle sighed, aggravated with Bryan.

"You are so stupid," Isabelle mumbled, pushing past the hugging Jenny and Bryan, and Rosa with her sandwich, off to find Adam.

She practically sprinted to English class, running to get the seat NEXT to him this time. She ran in, breathless, sliding down right next to Adam's backpack. He must have not been in class yet. Isabelle was early. She started humming to herself, unaware, doodling on a piece of notebook paper. She was completely oblivious to everything, including Adam, who had placed himself next to her, and was smiling at her now full-fledged belting. Suddenly, Isabelle felt a tap on her shoulder and jumped. It was...Adam! She tried to stay calm.

"Hey," Isabelle said, trying to play it cool, "What's up?"

Adam grinned. "Not so much until now," He replied, his eyes fixed on her in that lustful way he had. Isabelle felt her breath get caught in her throat and she coughed, choking a little.

"You okay?" Adam asked, smiling like she was just so cute. Isabelle looked down coyly.

"Yeah, sorry," She said softly. And then there was that awkward silence.

Adam cleared his throat, smoothening his wavy hair. "So listen, you've got an awesome voice!"

Isabelle blushed, embarrassed. "Oh, thanks. It's not much-"

"No, it really is something," Adam cut her off, "And my band needs some new blood, a girl, maybe." Isabelle stopped moving, hoping silently.

"You wanna do it?" Adam finally grunted, staring at her again. Isabelle could not believe this. Practices with Adam! Every day! Maybe sometime, they would be alone, and he would hear her sing, really sing, and he would walk towards her, those bright eyes glittering, and-

"Isabelle?" Adam's voice snapped her back to reality.

"Yeah. I want to." And Adam's face twisted strangely, almost-leering.