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The Adventurers of Leon Nuran
Chapter 1: The Birth of the Beginning

"Oh my, he's such a beautiful krinca," said the gentle face of Naneen, holding her new born son in her arms, swaying from side to side. "Don't you think so dear?"
"His figure is perfect," said Stopen in his gruff voice. "He will do fine."
Naneen rubbed the little boys bald head. A tear of joy ran down her cheek. "So, are we naming him Leon or something else?"
"Yes, it will do just fine. L for lovely. E for excellent. O for out of your belly," Stopen and Naneen giggled. "And N for - well, nevertheless."
"You're so silly," Naneen laughed.
There was a sudden knock at the door. It surprised the new parents. They almost never had visitors. Who could it be?
Stopen opened the door, "Yes, can I help you?"
The man at door had a 12:24 Hydracronic Blaster in his hand. "Listen, and listen carefully. All I want is the child."
"Who are you?"
"Stopen, who is it?" Naneen called out from the living room.
"Naneen, just wait," Stopen yelled to her. "Now, why do you want our son?"
"He has something special. Now give me the damn child " the mysterious man snapped.
"I don't know what your problem is but you can't have our son.
"Naneen, get out son out of here."
The man shoved Stopen to the ground. He aimed his blaster at Naneen and fired. She screamed as her dying body fell to the floor. Leon fell on top her stomach crying. Stopen stood up and crept up behind the crazed man. He wrapped his hand around the maniac and threw him to floor. Stopen then jumped on top of him and continuously punched his face. The freak reached over and picked up the gun and aimed it at Stopen. But Stopen was able to force it out of his hand. Stopen stood up and shot the freak right in the forehead.
Stopen ran to the baby and put him in his crib. He sung to the baby down until it stopped crying. Then, Stopen lifted Naneen into his arms. He stroked her cheek with his soft hand. Tears poured down the side of his face. He brought her lifeless corpse closer to his body. "Oh, Naneen." he spoke softly. "How will I ever raise this child by myself?" Stopen knew Naneen would not respond, but he didn't want to people she was dead. It just couldn't be. Not her. Anyone but her.
Leon began to cry once again. Stopen laid his late wife on the sofa and walked over to his son. "Oh, my son I just don't know if I can take care of you," he whispered down to the baby as he lifted it up to his chest. "I just don't know."

Sixteen years later Stopen and his son, Leon, were working out in the field. Picking the fruits and vegetables that were ready. Occasionally Leon would pop a cherry tomato or grape into his mouth so his father could not notice.
"Son," Stopen called. "Come here and help me with this, please "
"Coming, Dad "
As Leon approached his father he was told what to do. "As you know, son, I am getting old and this quite a work out for me. My teeth aren't quite what they used to be either, so, would you mind biting this branch off right here?"
"I'd be happy to do it dad?" Leon said cheerfully, bending down to gnaw the branch off.
I know that these last couple of sentences have sounded a little weird. But I'm sure you didn't realize that Stopen, Naneen, and Leon aren't humans. They're actually krincas living a world unknown to ours. In a galaxy far away. On a planet much smaller than Earth. It is structured like Earth though. The gravitational pull and the water and land and oxygen. Only creatures far different inherit this planet. Creatures like the krincas, kratztan, Zantukes, and many more. Villages such as Xanthra, Trinafoo, Phoilouque, and Neekonu, Leon's home village.
Krincas were known as gentle creatures. The were on the less muscular side, though they did have great agility and thinking. Krincas were also great farmers. They used their incredibly sharp teeth to cut branches and other things.
When Leon finished gnawing off the branch he stood up and turned to his father, "Can we get lunch now?"
"Yeah, sure," Stopen responded. "Why the hell not, eh?"
Stopen and Leon walked down the path to the house. They were at almost the end of the garden so it was a long walk back. They chatted about recent events that had happened and Leon pointed out that a kid in the village had recently been shot by his father. Thinking about the kids death he asked his father about how his mother, Naneen, had died. Stopen's voice clogged up. He was not ready to tell Leon about his mother.
"I-I'm not ready yet, son. I'm sorry son."
"It's okay, dad. I understand."
When they reached the house, Leon sat and waited at the dining table while dad made coffee for both of them.
"You want me make some sandwiches for us dad?"
"That would be great son. Thank you."

Nikona stomped through the fallen leaves as he walked through the mini forest. The small, owl like creatures conied in their nests. The snikas slithered across the dirt ground. The wind whistled through the yellow tree leaves. I can't believe I took this job. Nikona thought to herself. Her job was to carry messages from person to person. Sort of a like a mailman only, it was done on foot, but only on special occasions.
The bushes bristled on the side of the path. Suddenly, a wolf-like creature called a balanta jumped out in front of Nikona. "Ah " she screamed. She was scared of a balanta, but the sudden appearance of it shocked her. She pulled out her dagger and pointed it at the creature.
It growled at her. Springing from side to side it planned out how it would attack her. Nikona kept her eye on the balanta at all times, with the dagger also always pointed at it. The creature froze. This worried Nikona. She knew it was ready to attack. But would she be able to kill it.
The balanta sprung at Nikona. She jolted out of the way, pushing the creature on the stomach. It stumbled to it's stance. It quickly turned around and leaped at Nikona again. This time she could not move out the way. Nikona fell to the ground with the balanta on top. The message she was delivering rolled a few feet away.
Nikona pulled her hand free of the thrashing balanta and smashed it into it's neck. It cried out in pain. Nikona pushed the balanta of her and stood up. She brushed herself off and then took the dagger out of the dead balanta. She walked over to the message and picked it up.
"Damned forest." Nikona mumbled.
Nikona continued to walk through the dark forest. As far as she could tell, the forest seemed to be coming to an end. After walking for a couple more minutes she was out onto a clear dirt path. A ways down, she could see the lit up village of Xanthra.
"Aw. Finally." Nikona sighed.
She was tired. Her legs hurt and her side was in pain as well. But once she reached the village, she would be able to get a nice hotel room and just relax. Nikona was a little low on monue (cash) so she wouldn't be able to get a luxurious room, but a room that would she could live with for now.
Nikona reached Xanthra. She looked around at the brick buildings. She walked around searching for an affordable hotel. A woman walking by noticed that Nikona looked somewhat lost. The lady asked Nikona if she was looking for something. Nikona told the lady her story. She was directed about a block down and a half down.
Nikona stopped in front of the large hotel building. It looked awfully nice for being as cheap as the old woman had said. She walked through the big doors. A woman at the front desk smiled at Nikona, "Hello, ma'am. Can I help you?"
"I sure hope so," Nikona laughed. "How much do your rooms cost?"
"Well, the prices vary," answered the woman. "We have very nice rooms that cost up to three-hundred monues a night. But we also have moderate rooms. They're not bad, but they're not overly luxurious either. They go for forty-five monues a night."
"Yeah, I can afford that," Nikona said.
"So, you would like the middle-class room then?"
"Yes please."
"Okay, and how long will you be staying here at the Xanthra Super Yek?" the desk lady asked.
"Oh, just one night please." Nikona answered, smiling.
"Ok," the woman said to Nikona. Calling over to a young looking krinca wearing a red vest she said, "Marin, will you show this lady to room 349, please."
"Sure, Whynuia." Marin responded.
Nikona and Marin rode the elevator up to the third floor. Marin opened the door for Nikona, exposing the room.
"Well, this is your room," Marin said. "Enjoy." And he left.
Nikona stepped into the room and glanced around. Not overly luxurious my ass It looked damn luxuriously after the crap Nikona had seen. A beautiful in-door plant sat at the closest corner. In front of her, a large bed with incredibly clean, white bed sheets. A large canopy wrapped around the bed. The bed framing was lined with gold colored buttons. Nikona opened the closet door. Amazing. It was gigantic The size of her bedroom at home.
She was tired and needed to rest now. Nikona pulled down the covers and snuggled into bed. She had a dream. A beautiful rainbow shown in the big blue sky over a large field of roses and daisies. She ran through them gracefully. The furry creatures followed behind her smiling. Suddenly, out of a nowhere, a large, gray balanta jumped from behind a bundle of overgrown daisies. Nikona, thinking on her feet, pulled out her dagger. She flung it at the large creature. What the hell? The dagger went right through the damned thing. Then, she realized what had happened. The balanta was dead Nikona turned around at the furry creatures. They were larger. The size of full grown tigers, teeth blaring out in hunger. "Ah " she screamed.
Nikona woke up screaming and sweating. She sighed, It was only a dream. And what a terrible dream it was.
She crawled out of bed and walked over to the fresh pail of water the maid had filled. She dipped her hands in and splashed the water onto her face. Nikona dried her face with the complimentary towel. She pulled her spare clothes out her bag and dressed.
Nikona left her bag in the room while she walked throughout the village for food and anything else she might need. A man standing behind a meat produce stand whistled disrespectfully at her. She turned towards him and walked towards his meats as if she didn't hear him. When she got their she asked how much the sausage links of eight would cost.
"Well, for you pretty women, just nine monues."
Nikona was pissed She stuck her hand out and rubbed his cheek. She then brought it back and slapped the ogre across the face. The man jumped over his cart of meat and tackled Nikona to the ground. Nikona was the better fighter, and it showed. She lifted her knee into his testicles. Then, Nikona flipped him over onto his back, stood up, and kicked him in the side. She stepped on his forehead with her hands up in the air. "Who else wants a piece of this?"
"I'd like a piece of your ass " a man laughed.
"Who the hell was that? " urged Nikona. There was no response. "You damn pervert." She said to whoever had said that to her.
After a few seconds of awkward silence, the village people returned to normal. Nikona was in the mood for some nice, juicy cow tongue. That would be a good breakfast, but she still had about seven hours of travel left before she would reach her final destination. So she would need something such as bread, dried fish, some kind of fruits, and a bagful of nuts for snacking as she walked.
Nikona walked for around the village for almost an hour before she was able to find everything at reasonable prices.
The cow tongue had filled her up nicely, and she would not need food for a few hours. She walked back to the hotel room and grabbed her bag. Walking downstairs, a very cute krinca walked by. But, she must focus on her job. Nikona checked out and left the hotel. She began walking down the path on the right.
She noticed a man on a cart pulled by two horses. The cart was lined with haystacks for seats. A few people sat in with the man. It was some kind of traveling device for people. Nikona had never seen anything like it. The cart was headed in the same direction as she was, so she caught up to the man asked where he was headed.
The man was taking the cart to exactly where she wanted to go. Nikona asked if she could ride as well. It was going to cost her twenty monues but other than that, she could ride. She happily paid the man. This would save an abundance of time and energy.
The hardest part of the ride would be getting onto the cart, it was quite high in the air. Nikona first through her bag up and than struggled up herself. She felt as if the people that were on and around the cart were watching her struggle, laughing on the inside. When she made it up, she sat on a haystack in between a young male krinca and an older kratztan woman.
"So," started a kratztan sitting across from Nikona, "What's your business round here?" The kratztan spit onto the ground. He was chewing tobacco.
"Well, I'm actually delivering a message sent by Master Rikochee." Nikona took the rolled up message out of her bag.
"Oh," said the kratztan woman sitting next to her. By now, all of the creatures on the cart were interested. It was rare a conversion was started on these carts. "So, what does the letter say?" The old kratztan took the letter quickly out of Nikona's hands. She began to untie the string that kept the letter rolled up.
Nikona grabbed it back before the lady was done untying. "I would very much appreciate it if you please did not read the letter, thank you. Doing that would be risking my job, my life, and my dignity. I take a lot of pride in my work, and opening this letter would be like earning a three- hundred monues working for a monue a day and then spending it all useless crap " Nikona snapped at the old kratztan.
The rest of the ride felt very awkward for the creatures. No one said anything. The man driving the cart broke the silence. "We have about an hour until we reach our destination." The creatures sighed.
Finally, after an three hours of a bumpy ride, the cart stopped. "Alright everyone, off the cart." the driver said.
Nikona was the third to jump off. She asked a lady walking by where she was. The lady told her she was Neekonu. Perfect. Exactly where she wanted to be. Nikona observed the village. The houses and buildings seemed to be built out of mud and straw. She had never seen this done before. It must have been an older village. Brick buildings were so much sturdier.
She noticed a sign that said Marijanu. Nikona checked what the address was. It was on Marukain. Well, if the roads were set up alphabetically, the street should be coming up soon. As it turned out, Marukain was the next street. Supposedly, the house was a nice size, not too big, not too small. But it had an enormous garden filled with tomatoes, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. It was the largest produce producer in the village, managed by only two people.
When Nikona came upon the house, she knocked on the door. A large man answered the door. "Can I help you ma'am."
"Yes, I'm looking for a Leon Nikoshi."
The man stared at her confusedly. He took a bite of his sandwich and finished chewing. He than said, "And why do you need to see him?"
"I have a message from Master Rikochee. The village master of Trinafoo."
The man cheered up. "Son " he called. Come here please. Leon came to the front door. "This lady here has a message from Master Rikochee." Nikona handed Leon the message.
Leon's jaw dropped in surprise. "From M-master R-r-rikochee? Oh my " Leon leaped up into the air in excitement. "This is great " Suddenly his mood changed. "I think." He realized the message could be bad.
"Ma'am. Please, stay the night." Stopen offered.
"Well, thank you, kind sir." Nikona said graciously. "My name is Nikona."
"I am Stopen, and this is my son."
Leon quickly opened the message:

Dear Leon, I hope you received this message as soon as Nikona could possibly deliver it. It has been a long time since someone of your stature has been needed. But I can tell you are the right creature for the job. Please return to me as soon as possible. I am currently in Trinafoo and will remain there until my retirement. I await your much wanted arrival. Please hurry Thank you.
Master Rikochee
Post Script: I love your squash and potatoes. They are quite exquisite

For those of you that have major trouble reading. This is the what the message says when read by me, the narrator.

Dear Leon, I hope you received this message as soon as Nikona could possibly deliver it. It has been a long time since someone of your stature has been needed. But I can tell you are the right creature for the job. Please return to me as soon as possible. I am currently in Trinafoo and will remain there until my retirement. I await your much wanted arrival. Please hurry Thank you.
Master Rikochee
Post Script: I love your squash and potatoes. They are quite exquisite

"I'm sorry son, I don't understand what that message exactly wants you to do. It just wasn't clear to me. Something about you're needed to do something, but what?" Stopen asked Leon, trying to take the message to read it for himself.
"Well, I don't actually think that it said what Master Rikochee wanted to see me for. It just says to go to Trinafoo and for me to talk to him about something. It seems very important." Leon answered his father.
"I guess I better start packing." Leon said, walking to his bedroom. He pulled out his wooden suitcase from underneath some other items. Leon put some extra tunics in with a load of food. On the bottom, beneath everything, he slipped some monues in, worth a total of ninety-five, almost all of it from what monues he had saved.
"Hey dad," Leon began. "How do you feel about me going? Do you not want me to leave? You didn't seem very happy about the message.
"Son," Stopen said softly, so Nikona could not here. "I'm afraid. I don't want to lose you...like I lost your mother. I think it's time for you to know exactly what happened to her." Stopen rubbed his forehead. "You were barely born. Not even six months. Your mother, Naneen, was holding you in her arms. There was a knock at the door. I answered it. The man wanted you. I wouldn't let him. He pushed me to the ground." Stopen's eyes began to water. "The mother fu--" Stopen sighed. "He shot your mom with some kinda blaster gun crap. She fell down dead, you landed on top of her." A tear ran down his cheek. "I quickly got up and tried to strangle the man. I pinned him on the floor. I shot him, right in his damn worthless forehead."
Leon felt a tear drip down his face as well. "It's okay dad, I won't get hurt. I won't be alone. I'll make sure I'm always with someone. Does that make you feel any better?" Stopen gave Leon a look of grief. "You know I have to go. If I don't then I will be put to death anyway. You have understand that, dad "
"I do son. I do. I know you must go. It's just really hard for me. It's though. You must wait until tomorrow."
"I will," responded Leon. "I will go back to Trinafoo with Nikona." Leon turned to Nikona, who had been standing there listening to the argument silently. "It is pronounced Nikona, yes?" She nodded.
"I'm very tired," Nikona began. "Do you mind if I hit the sack?"
Stopen and Leon did not get out much, other than to sell their produce to merchants. So, the expression, "hit the sack" was a very confusing expression. "I'm sorry," Stopen said, embarrassed. "I don't believe I'm familiar with the "hit the sack".
"Oh," Nikona laughed. "I just meant if you would mind if I went to sleep."
Stopen laughed. "Yes, go right ahead. I'll show you to your room." Nikona thanked him as they began walking. They stopped at a door. Stopen opened it and invited her in. "This, is the room you can stay in."
"Thank you so much," Nikona said sweetly. "It looks very comfy."
Stopen walked back into Leon's room and put his arm around Leon's shoulder. He sighed. "You should probably get some rest, too. You're going to have a very tiring day tomorrow. Good night, son."
"Dad," Leon smiled. "My name isn't son. It's Leon." Stopen began to left, but Leon added, "Oh, and, good night."
"Leon." Stopen said. "Leon." he walked away, smiling.

The next morning, Nikona awoke from her slumber and walked into the living room. Stopen and Leon had already waken up and were up and about. Stopen was making a nice breakfast and Leon was preparing some tea. "Good morning." The two said in chorus.
"Good morning, men." she repeated. "I feel a little embarrassed looking like this. I didn't fix my hair or anything."
"Well," Stopen began. "Breakfast won't be ready for another few minutes. So, you should have time to get ready, but then again, you women..."
Nikona gave him a "hey " look. She walked to her room to get ready.
"Women " Stopen and Leon laughed.
Nikona returned to the kitchen. The three sat down and chatted about Nikona's trip here as they ate. "Well," Nikona began. "That was a very good meal. But, we must leave now. I know this is going to be hard for you two, but we must do what me have to."
"Yes," Stopen sighed. "I understand now."
The trio stood up and walked out the front door. Stopen gave Leon a big hug. "Good bye my son- I mean, Leon."
"See you later, dad."
"Just promise me one thing, Leon. Come back to me when you finish doing whatever it is you want me to do."
"I promise, dad. I will come back."
"Stopen, I've had a very nice stay. Thank you for your hospitality. I greatly appreciate all of it."
Nikona began to walk, bag over shoulder. Leon could not move. "I just can't go. It's too hard. I can't leave my dad all alone. Who will watch over him. His bones are weakening now. I shouldn't go."
"Oh, Leon. I will be fine. We discussed this last night. You must go. You have to. I don't want you to leave, but you must."
"Your father is right. Master Rikochee requested this personally. I'm sure he has his reasons for choosing you."
Stopen handed Leon a chain. "Wear this around your neck at all times. Whenever your in trouble or you miss me, just use this chain to remember me."
"Thanks, dad."
Nikona and Leon finally left the house. There they went. Into the crowd of village people.
Stopen remembered something. He ran in and grabbed him off his bedroom dresser. He ran outside looking for Nikona and Leon. "Leon Leon " he called. Stopen continued to run through the crowd in search of them. "Leon "
"That's my dad " Leon said to Nikona.
"Leon " Stopen caught up to the two. He was out of breathe. He placed a silver coin into Leon's palm. "Here, take this."
"What is it?" Leon asked. Nikona and Leon both peered at it closely. "It was not monue. It was something foreign.
"You will find out what it is soon enough. Just keep it." Nikona and Leon left.