Comfortable party,
Chocolate cake adorned with bright, flaming candles.
Colourful, paisley party hats, glasses of milk half empty, and dirty
napkins litter the table.
There are seventeen candles on this cake,
Making shallow dents in the frosting.
With one breath, the fire dies,
Leaving the still warm wax,
Pooling around their base.
Surrounded by friends,
So warm and happy.
A childish party,
But when do you get a chance to act seven again?
With the daily pains of high school,
The stress,
Why not indulge on that one moment,
Take it while you can,
And take your last chance to be young again.
But this comfortable party,
With it's quaint childish aura,
It's nothing to me.
Pictures of people once so dear to me,
Now mortal enemies.
I watch them grin and bask in happiness,
And enjoy each others company
Without me.
The way it always has been,
Always will be.
I'm always left out, forgotten.
When I put so much into this friendship,
I just gain one more scar.
When will people stop hurting me?
You four people,
I gave so much to you.
My love, friendship, and my time,
None of which I'll ever get back.
I tried so hard to be myself,
But you just kept pushing me,
Down, down, down.
Parties for every occasion,
I'm always being left out.
Warm words exchanged,
But I stand in the rotten shadows.
Every friend I ever got
Always left me behind.
But this is worst,
You ridiculed me, hurt me,
And don't seem to mind the cold shoulder I give you.
Sweet revenge I long to grasp,
But you never seem to respond.
You four just never stop hurting,
To you, I'm insignificant.
Was our friendship anything?
You've seen me laugh,
You're one of the few who've seen me cry.
All these years,
So wasted,
My childhood choked with bad memories.
I've been stabbed in the back to many fucking times,
And my trust is dissipating with my blood.
And every time I stab myself,
I picture you.
You haunt me,
Driving me to the brink of madness,
Where my rage consumes all common sense.
And yet you don't know it,
Don't even care,
And just sit with who used to be my friends,
In your comfortable birthday party.