Press your ear to my stomach
Imagine what you can't hear
A heartbeat buried deep.
Rest your hand on my hipbone,
keep listening intently.
I love that look in your eye,
right before they close in concentration.
Sigh against my bared skin,
in that relaxed way that's rare.
Follow the waves of goosebumps
connecting dots and freckles.
Are you imagining little fingers
and even tinier toes, like I am?
Rest your eyes and your tired mind,
let my even breath lull you to sleep
because soon we won't get enough.
Keep listening while you dream.
Do you see us like I do?
Laying in our bed while
fragile hands grasp at our own,
pinks, blues and purples,
lullabies and bedtime stories?
Just sleep while I run my fingers
through your colorful hair
and share my hope.