Your pleas for life without a
Burden; I'll grant you this wish
I'll try not to make you ignored
Hammer me with nails on a board

My cries will become silent
My life can finally end
And you can leave without me
In peace; forever I'll sleep

Metal to skin is beauty
Push down and sow what I reap
Digging into my flesh
Young blood; enticing and fresh

I'll try to make myself bleed
Finally I find what I seek
Bleed out all of my pain
Restore all of my faith

Cry out into the night
What hides behind my eyes
That causes me to hurt
For my heart truly will burn

My life is draining out
No more will I look down
This vein is my escape
I look up; releasing my pain

Your burden's finally gone
I won't cause you to fall
Now you can live your life
For I've touched the stars at night