It's raining again...
The rain drops softly beats down on my window.
The gentle pitter-patter soothes my soul...
The gentle grey colour of the sky warms me so.

As I step outside
Of my house, the rain beats down on my face.
Tiny drops of rain splash on my cheeks
Like tears of an angel above me.
Holding out my hands in front of me,
I try to grasp the sky's emotions,
That falls down in the form of water.

A lonely tear runs down my cheek,
and mixes with rain water.
Just as crying lets my heart out,
Rain cleanses my soul
From whatever it needs to be cleansed from.

I can't explain to you
How it feels to cry in the rain,
As nobody can tell that you are.
I can't express my emotions
As I weep softly,
And let my tear become one with the rain,
Because the feelings are mixed
And muddled together
As one.

The gentle rain makes me hold my head up high,
And makes a smile creep on my face.
I can't tell you why,
Or what kind of smile it is...
It just happens.
Whenever a drop splashes on my face,
It takes away one more bit of sadness from me.
But it still makes me cry.