Baby, you're all that I need,
You are the air that I breathe,
Your words, I will always heed,
And your heart, I will listen to.
You are life in my soul,
And single most perfect being I know.

For you, I will climb the high mountain.
For you, I will dive to the deep trench.
For you, I will build a beautiful fountain,
Whatever your wish, it's my command.
Because you gave me meaning,
And you gave me hope.

Without you, my life will just deteriorate,
And my world without you would simple crumble
Because to lose you is to lose my soul mate,
And I never want to lose something as precious
As you.
You are my most treasured thing in this world.

You make me feel so warm and special inside
Whenever you are close to me.
With you, there is nothing I need to hide,
Because you blow away all my petty little fears.
And I hope I make you feel the same way, too.
Because you deserve some one who'll love you truly.

Some one like me.

That's why I'll never ever leave you.
That's why I'll never hurt you in any way.
That's why I will ALWAYS remain true.
My love for you will survive eight eternities.
And I don't mean to brag, but I know
that you will love me that long, too.