The Concert

Chapter 1

My heart was beating so wildly in my chest I felt like

my entire body way shaking to it's rhythm. I heard my name be

announced and my family and friends cheering loudly. I took

three deep breaths trying to calm my nerves then pushed past

the blue velvet curtain and stepped into the hot glow of the

spotlight. My eyes quickly scanned over the intimidating crowed,

I saw my mother and father in the front row smiling proudly while

my sister stood on her chair clapping and screaming my name. I

looked closer my eyes searching desperately for that one person

I wanted to see more than anyone.

'He isn't here. Why isn't he here?' I felt a sinking

feeling in my heart. I didn't want to do this without him, I wanted

him to see me in the spotlight for the first time.

"He'll be here." I whispered softly to myself before

moving forward to the microphone. When I stood there with that

microphone in front of me and the eyes of hundreds of people

focused on my small frame I felt something inside me change.

I wasn't me anymore, I became the wind whispering my message

threw the trees, caressing every inch of the world. I opened my

mouth and let my silken voice pour out like honey covering my

audience like a warm blanket.


I was dreaming

A beautiful

Eternal dream..."

I became a star that wishes are made upon.


Putting sadness

Into a deep, quiet


I became the light shining in the darkest of corners.

"If you were touched

By kindness,

You must have been happy, but..."

I felt myself soar above the masses, flying on the

wings of my voice.

"Time moves on.

My heart pounds.

In the wind

I can hear

Someone's voice calling."

I saw my love wrap around the heart of all who were


"Rushing passionately

Through this body,

This heart,

Life is now awakening."

I saw my audience staring stunned, entranced by my

magical voice and song.


People are weak,

Aren't they?

They fight

And hate each other."

I imagined my message of love and peace being

absorbed and enlightening all in the room.


But love,

Of all things,

Can surpass


I saw him in my mind, Kyo. He smiled and my

heart sped up.

"My fate

Pulls me onward...

Certainly towards you."

I could have sworn I felt his arms wrap around me

from behind, holding me close as the before me melted away.

"That smiling face,

Those tears,

Everything about you...

I'll turn them into

Just one source

Of Courage."

I hear him breath a soft 'Wo Ai Ni"(I love you) in my


"And I'll never even

Be afraid of getting hurt.

I'll protect you.

I'll show you

That I will."

I bring my hand up to my face where I feel the

feather soft brush of his lips on my cheek and close my

eyes blocking out everything but the feeling of him.


For the first time,

I understand...


The meaning

Of my birth."

I feel his invisible hands run through my hair.

"You shine

On this body,

This heart,

As the one

And only

proof of my life."

The arms around me disappear and I open my

eyes to find I am once again in front of the crowded auditorium.

"That smiling face,

Those tears,

Everything about you...

I'll protect you.

I'll show you

That I will."

As I sing the last line of my song I back off. Moving

away from the microphone, I take my bow and as I look up I

see two disheveled police officers making their way toward where

I stand on stage. The applause and cheers of my audience are

defining but I pay them no mind, choosing instead to keep my

eyes focused of those two me. They walk strait toward me and

I once again feel my heart sink. I know something bad has

happened. I know that I don't want to hear what they are going

to tell me. Worst of all I know who they want to speak to me about.



Kitana~ The song is a translation of "Kaze no uta" from the

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