At Ending

At daybreak

As the golden sun rose beaming into the sky

We said hello, hi, how are you?

Who are you?


We introduced ourselves

Fell in step beside each other

And spoke of many things


We laughed

We cried

I was comfortable

I told you my life story

And secrets

That no one but you knows


I bothered you

Bugged you

Ran happily in circles around you

Wagging my tail


Then you scared me

Or maybe

I scared me

And I tried to run away

Get away


At midday

As the sun paused reverently overhead

I told you that


I liked you


And yeah

You said you liked me back


I was so lost

But the road was clear before me

And I was happy

Because I suddenly

Had the power

To do what I wanted

Most of all


Make you happy


At evening

As the sun is now setting

I finally see the writing on the wall


I thought it was still midday

But the sun has always been setting

And too late

I see it getting dark

Falling down around me


Perhaps I should have seen

Your shadow on the ground

And known what was coming


Now as the darkness

Creeps out from behind the stars

I wonder

What was I

To you

Except a lie?

Did you ever really love me?

Do you even


What that means?