It is coming back again
All the pain
All the abyssal black rain
Of Sorrow and Anger
Of Hatred and Rage
Of Despair and Loneliness

I embrace it with Fury
With rebellion in my heart
And shattered reflections
Of this torrent of emotions
Gleaming in my dull, burning eyes

I love to hate them
My precious feelings
My soul's damned children
I make battle with emotion against emotion
I snap the spine of Hate with Hate
I strangle Despair with Despair
I strike Anger with Anger
And become embittered

Darkness cannot fully triumph over Darkness
Lost myself that way
Trembling alone again
Trying to find another way out
Of this maze of torment and pain

So I try again
Embracing Hate with Love
Caressing Anxiety with Peace
Relieving Despair with Hope
Cooling Anger with Happiness
And although it drains away my strength
I succeed
I am alone with myself again
Until next time
Until I feel again