(05/31/04) You know what I find funny? When I can't write for my other stories, I start a new one …

Ah yes, yet again I'm starting another "supernatural" story with the same cast of characters … 'course, this time the story's more a horror than a mystery or action.

Oh yes, maybe it's because Shadowfire and I were having way too much fun this spring break thinking up of ghost stories and then inputting our characters into them so we could be freaky but I think it was because I remember how terrified I was when I first heard this story.

I mean, I was only seven: an innocent, spot-less girl who never much liked ghost stories and such. I was also in Indian Princesses, but that's another story entirely. Anyway, this ghost story always stuck out in my mind … it may have been the fact that I was terrified after I heard it and stared at the closed cabin door in the dark for hours on end …

Or I may just be looking for something to do so I have an excuse not to work on my other stories.

That's probably it …

Author's Notes

1 – Kay, um … sort of hairy-scary if you know what I mean shifty eyes

2 – This involves magic, immortals, and zombie-like things …you no likey, you no ready.

3 – I try to look over my work before I post it but sometimes I don't so it may have grammatical mistakes … however, do not worry about spelling for spell check is my friend.

4 – Big MUST DO: read the background story; it's very important.

5 – Pay attention to the italicized stuff throughout the chapter, it's separate from the chapter. I know it's confusing but please bear with me …

Immortals in the Human World

Long ago, immortals and humans lived in peace on Earth. Immortals were creatures like elves, dragons, and unicorns and they lived to be around 10,000 years old (in immortal years, perhaps around 500 in human years; it varies). However, by the time the Egyptian Empire started to decline, humans turned on the immortals for unknown reasons; many immortal scholars claim that it was on a impulse and that humans were afraid of them and their unnatural powers and abilities, but no one knows for sure. Immortals were hunted down and captured, then put to death in a barbaric fashion. After half of the immortals' population had been killed, the immortals retreated to the sacred land of Avalon just off the coast of Ireland. They then cut themselves off from Earth and made it so that the only way to make it to Avalon was by randomly occurring portals. However, some immortals were left behind and had to blend in with humans to survive. Many did not cross over to Avalon until at least two millennia later when the Great Crossing occurred in the 1800's. The memory of immortals slowly dwindled out of humans' minds and by the time technology took control of their lives, immortals all seemed like a myth. However, some immortals still remain in the land they are hated in …

Chapter 1

Once, about 400 years ago, before the French crossed over from Europe and settled the area of Lac du Fléau, there lived a small family. There was a mother, a daughter, and a son and they lived in our very own cabin by the lake …

With a large and over exaggerated sigh, Wolf stepped onto the ancient, rickety bus. After signing in with the bus driver, Wolf wondered with another large sigh, why in the world did it have to be summer camp and if his brother really hated him that much.

The bus driver waited for Wolf to take a seat before starting the bus up again. His golden-amber eyes scanned the bus and found there was an absence of something: people. There were only a few people on the bus and they were scattered about everywhere.

Wolf walked down the center isle of the bus just as the bus driver got impatient and started up the bus again. There was nothing out of the ordinary about these people, as far as Wolf could tell, but when he took a good whiff of the air he found something strange. Slowly Wolf looked over to his left and then saw what was abnormal. It was a boy, around his age, staring out the window of the bus. His hair was the color of coal and it looked as though he had purposely made it messy. His eyes were bright blue, like the Caribbean Sea. The teenager had pale skin but he looked very athletic and extremely handsome.

And Wolf knew instantly that he was a dark unicorn.

Now, Wolf himself was a half-wolf and considered by most high immortals to be an abomination, but all immortals agreed that dark unicorns were the worst. They killed for pleasure and their very touch was deadly.

And now, as Wolf sat down staring at the dark unicorn with unblinking eyes, he knew that he had to kill him.

Now, the daughter was the elder of the two siblings by 10 years if they were human, but if they were immortals, she was older by 1,000 years. But the age difference wasn't important, for they were very, very close …

When John felt someone staring at him, he ignored it; he was very used to the feeling ('The ladies just love me,' he thought almost sadly). But after what seemed an eternity, he made the mistake of turning his head to look at the person staring.

A pair of intense amber eyes looked back at him from under a head of naturally messy white hair stuffed into a red baseball cap and John suddenly felt scared. It was a half-wolf and John knew very well that half-wolves were considered very dangerous. 'And,' John thought, 'I'm in trouble. He thinks I'm a dark unicorn.'

"Hey … look …" John started to say but he stopped when the half-wolf flexed his right hand and bared his teeth. Although no human would ever notice the half-wolf's pointed claws or longer-than-normal canines, John was starting to fear for his safety.

"I know what you're thinking," How many times had John said that? 'Too many' John thought. "I know I look and smell, in your case, like a dark unicorn but I'm not."

John spoke quietly so that the humans on the bus wouldn't hear and the half-wolf leaned in a bit, though John doubted that he needed to; those of wolven blood had superb hearing.

"And what makes you think I'll believe you?" The half-wolf asked in a scornful tone.

"I don't think you'll believe me until I give you some proof." John answered. "And at the moment …" John shook his head at the other people on the bus, "that's not going to be possible."

Then John held out his hand. "The name's John Johnson."

The half-wolf stared at the hand and didn't attempt to move. "Wolf."

"So Wolf, I take it you don't trust dark unicorns?" John asked sarcastically with a grin.

"I was taught never to trust dark unicorns." Wolf replied.

John withdrew his hand and smiled, "Then you were taught very well."

One day, the brother was bored and pleaded to his sister to play with him. She finally gave in and the brother decided to play hide and seek …

It was another hour before the bus stopped again and when the person came aboard, both Wolf and John looked up.

'It's another immortal!' Wolf thought. These days, it was amazing if you saw even one immortal outside your family in a year.

The immortal that got on the bus walked casually down the isle of the bus and then threw his black duffle bag onto the rack above John's seat. He himself then plopped down besides John.

"Hey Tor!" John said in a bright tone that almost made Wolf wince.

The immortal, now confirmed as Tor, nodded in acknowledgement and said lightly, "John."

'Those two go right together.' Wolf thought with disgust. 'Both of them are dark.'

Although Wolf knew that Tor wasn't a dark unicorn, he at least looked like a major goth. He had slick and smooth black hair and wore black clothing: black jeans, black shirt, and even a black jacket; the clothes lacked, however, belts or chains of any sort. The only thing that stood out was his very pale skin and bright, amethyst eyes.

Tor's eyes suddenly flicked to meet Wolf's as he had felt Wolf staring. Wolf felt his ears go back under his baseball cap.

"He's a half-wolf." John whispered to Tor.

Tor looked at Wolf for a moment longer and then smiled; Wolf didn't know how to take the smile, he wasn't sure whether it was friendly or dangerous.

"So I take it you believe John here is a dark unicorn, eh?" Tor asked in a tone that reminded Wolf of those who spoke of weather.

"Well, he is." Wolf replied.

"Actually, he isn't."

"And I should believe you … why?"

"Because who else are you going to believe?"

"Myself." Wolf answered.

"But what if you're wrong?" Tor asked coldly.

"Stop avoiding the topic!" Wolf almost yelled. But immediately he calmed himself down; his temper was bad, but now that the full moon had passed his temper would slowly go back to normal. He lowered his voice again, "He's a dark unicorn, and you know it."

"On the contrary," Tor said quietly. "I know that John was a dark unicorn at one time … but a very bad one."

"What do you mean?"

"Dark unicorns can change into regular unicorns … it's very rare … but if they feel compelled enough, they will."

The bus began to slow again; another passenger.

"And what exactly could make a dark unicorn want to change so badly?"

"You'll see in just a few seconds." Tor said just as John looked up with a look of awe on his face.

Slowly, Wolf looked towards the front of the bus too and saw what John was staring at. It was a girl, and not a normal girl at that; she was probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Her hair hung to the middle of her back and was a pale blonde that shimmered and flowed as she walked and her eyes were bright and blue but had the look of ice. She was also tall, at least for a girl, and it was very obvious that she was a unicorn. She came directly towards John and Tor.

A smile came across her lips and she said hello to both Tor and John.

Tor replied with a small, "Hello" but said nothing else and pulled a book out of his pocket and began reading it.

John, however, leaned forward and hugged the girl with all his might.

"Oh Vanessa," He said quietly, "I have missed you for this long and dreary year. My heart yearned for you for months and now its desire is now fulfilled! Ah me, I have missed you so much!"

Vanessa smiled and returned the embrace. "I missed you too, John."

And then they kissed, which eventually turned into a make-out session in which Wolf had to look away while making fake gagging noises.

"Get used to it." Tor said, not looking up from his book. "They'll do that the entire summer."

Wolf couldn't imagine having to stand through that display all summer. But then he realized that Tor sounded as though this group would be together during the summer. Wolf could see some logic in that, immortals normally stuck with other immortals but did he just assume that Wolf would join them?

The bus started up again and Vanessa and John finally parted. The two then had a conversation about their year and John confided in her all the terrors he had of his family. Pity suddenly filled Wolf's mind as he thought of John, a unicorn who is considered to still be a dark unicorn by his family, with his family of murdering, savage, and sometimes cannibalistic dark unicorns.

'Oh well …' Wolf thought. 'That is the way of immortals …our lives are never fair.'

The little brother hid while the older sister counted. She then began to look for him in the woods, since it was the only area they were allowed in. But after an hour, she couldn't find him. She began to call out his name but only to find no response. Panic rose in her at the thought that her brother was hurt or lost. But slowly, her gaze turned to the lake …

Another half-hour passed before any more campers got on the bus. So far, Vanessa was the only girl, but then again no teenage girl would be very happy stuck at a summer camp.

The next stop picked up another girl, one that looked extremely like Tor. But as she signed in and walked toward them with a strange smirk on her face Tor explained that most Lorelei look alike (he had also said in the past half-hour that he was a Lorelei, or a winged person who had the traits of a siren).

The girl had very straight black hair that reached her shoulders, like Tor's, and electric blue eyes. But the girl, unlike Vanessa, lacked a figure and was short, perhaps only 5'4.

She retained the smirk even as she placed her two suitcases up on the bus rack above the seats and as she sat down.

Finally, Tor spoke up.

"So, I see Spencer isn't joining us this year, Eva? I know I wouldn't mind."

Eva's smirk then became a wicked grin. "Oh, Spencer's coming … he's just having a little … 'girl-trouble.'"

Tor must have understood what Eva was saying for he too grinned and almost laughed as the bus started up again. "I hope she tries to pull his head off."

"Well," Eva replied as she looked towards the back of the bus and out the window. "You can see for yourself, because here they come."

It seemed that everyone on the bus looked back at that very moment to watch a boy with shortly cropped black hair ('Another Lorelei?' Wolf thought, surprised. 'Aren't they supposed to be in short supply?') running down the road with a duffel bag in his hand. Behind him, there was yet another Lorelei girl chasing after him yelling at him to "stop" and "slow down" and "give Jasmine a kiss!"

Wolf could only imagine how scared Spencer must be.

The bus stopped and Spencer ran up to it in lightning speed. He practically yelled, "Davis, Spencer" before the bus driver even asked for his name. He then ran down the isle and put his duffel bag up and sat down next to Eva and gave a huge sigh of relief when the bus finally started up again.

"Aw, young love!" Eva said mockingly towards Spencer.

"Not a word from you Eva." Spencer panted.

"Oh, but dear cousin, you should know that I only have your best interests in mind." Eva replied, still mocking him.

Spencer's head jerked up and a pair of neon green eyes met Eva's.

"It's not my fault she likes me." He said.

"And it's not your fault that you're a coward." Eva replied.

"And it's not your fault that you're an idiot either." Tor added in.

Suddenly, there was a strong sense of tension between Spencer and Tor. Tor narrowed his eyes when Spencer met his gaze and a vein on Spencer's forehead seemed to throb. Wolf found it quite funny.

"Break it up you two!" Eva cut in. "You two can fight later." The two backed down and Tor went back to his book while Spencer counted his blessings that Jasmine hadn't gotten him.

Eva then looked over at Wolf who had been silent the entire time. She smiled and then pointed at herself and Spencer. "Hi! I'm Eva Davis and this is my idiot cousin Spencer."

Introductions were made and then the group, as a whole, started to get into a conversation. The topic varied but it didn't matter, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

A few more people got on board; all of them were humans. Wolf questioned whether or not any other immortals were going to the camp.

"There are two more." Eva replied.

Another hour passed and it seemed that the group had accepted Wolf as one of their own and strangely, Wolf found himself and John becoming good friends.

The last two passengers came right after the bus driver announced that they would be arriving at the camp in only fifteen minutes. By then it was dusk and the bus passengers began to grow irritable.

The first person they saw come aboard was a bouncy half-cat. She had emerald colored eyes, short, fair hair that stuck up in all directions, and a perfect tan. She was also very good looking and was around 5'7.

There was a large smile on her face as she threw her bag up onto the rack and then greeted everyone with hugs. She talked at a mile per second, asking how everyone was and how their year had been. But she stopped when the second passenger came aboard.

It was a pale boy, about 17 (the same as the group's) with dark reddish-brown hair that was medium length and combed back off his face and sunglasses with lenses that didn't show his eyes. He didn't look very strong but he had a sense of foreboding about him.

He calmly put his backpack up on the rack and then sat down next to the girl who had gotten on first.

He didn't greet anybody but nor did he completely ignore them, he simply replied to their questions about his year.

The bus started up again and then he finally looked towards Wolf.

"A half-wolf?" He asked. Wolf nodded and then introduced himself. "I'm Ash, a half-dragon and this is Alesha," he pointed at the girl that had gotten on before him. "A half-cat."

'Half-dragon?' Wolf thought. They were rare; most of them never lived past childhood.

At the mention of her name, Alesha turned to Wolf. She then introduced herself and Wolf got the impression that the girl was hyper 24/7.

There was some more conversation but when the bus finally stopped and the bus driver opened the door to the bus, everyone grabbed their stuff in a hurry and seemed to run out of the bus.

Once outside, Wolf found that they were at a cabin with the name Lac du Fléau on a sign above the door. A group of adults were waiting outside the cabin and they waited until everyone got quiet before speaking.

"Hello campers! And welcome to Lac du Fléau or as we like to call it, Lake Oak, for the excessive amount of oak trees in the area." 'This has to be the main counselor,' Wolf thought. The counselor pulled out a sheet of paper then took a head count. "We have a small group yet again this year, but a few more will be joining us tomorrow. There are a lot of regulars I see … but a few new faces. But I think everyone could do with a reminder of the rules."

A few grunts and complaints came from the group of campers but Ash said quietly to Wolf, "Listen up … the last few are important."

For the first five minutes or so, they gave out regular rules, such as 'lights out after curfew' and 'no sneaking off the land.' But then, the counselor took a more serious tone.

"Now, these are the most important rules and if broken there will be serious consequences." The counselor cleared his throat and then started speaking again. "Swimming is not allowed out of the restricted areas of the lake. Furthermore, no camper is allowed in any part of the lake after dusk. This includes even wading into the water only a few feet out. There will be no tolerance towards anyone who breaks these rules."

The campers were quiet for a moment and then whispers began to erupt; all of which included "curse" and "ghost."

"Is there some sort of ghost story about this lake?" Wolf asked John.

John pursed his lips and then slowly nodded. "Yeah … but you don't need to know it."

"Why not? It's cool that there's a story about our camp … even if it's lame."

An uneasy grin came across John's face and he said quietly, "Trust me … it's not lame … but seriously … you shouldn't know … not yet anyway."

Wolf was annoyed but he then listened to one of the other counselors give a background story to the meaning of the name of the lake. She didn't actually say what "fléau" meant but she did give a history on how the French settled the area in the late 1600's and how they treasured the lake for its beauty.

After another head count and after everyone was assigned cabins (strangely, Wolf was in the same cabin as Tor, John, Spencer, and Ash but from the smirk Tor and Ash were wearing, he guessed that they had somehow fixed it that way) the campers went down the dirt trail to the cabins and the lake.

When the trail finally ended the group finally looked upon the lake and Wolf had to gasp.

It was beautiful. It was a large lake that stretched at least two miles and was miraculously clear on the surface. The sunset was reflected on the lake's surface and a mix of yellow, orange, pink, and even some purple was displayed across the lake. Around the lake there were trees, lots of trees, all very high and very healthy. Wolf remembered that the counselor had said there was an abundance of oak trees, and there was. He saw and smelled a few evergreens and even a pine here or there but it was mostly old, tall oak trees that looked as though they went on forever. And the best part was was that it was completely secluded; the lake and forest surrounding it was in a basin.

From his right, he could hear John say quietly, "It's wonderful, isn't it?"

"I've never seen a place so …" Wolf searched for a word, there were so many to describe the lake, and all of which were positive. "perfect in my life."

"Yeah, it's amazing." John then sighed and then hit Wolf lightly in the arm to snap him out of his awe. "Let's get to the cabin." He said with a grin.

Wolf reluctantly tore his eyes from the lake and then followed John to a cabin away from the others. Ash, Tor, and Spencer joined them as they walked and they eventually came to an older looking cabin.

One whole side of the cabin was covered in vines that had strange, blue flowers blooming on them. The wood on the outside looked old but it was still in good shape. As the group walked in, Wolf noticed that there was a wind chime right outside the door frame. Wolf stopped to stare at it and noticed that it too, looked very old. It was made in a strange metal that Wolf didn't recognize but even as he looked at it, a wind blew and it rang out just like any other wind chime.

"I see you noticed that." Tor said from the door. Wolf questioned about the age of the cabin and the wind chime. "You're probably going to think I'm crazy, but this cabin and that wind chime are at least 400 years old."

"Stop screwing around Tor." Wolf said as he inspected the chime. "I mean sure, this stuff is old, but not that old."

"Well, it is … or at least the outside is." Tor replied. "The inside was renovated but the outside was still sturdy and since it is a historic site, they decided to just leave it."

"And the wind chime?"

"It's made of a special metal … it doesn't rust and nor does it tarnish like silver." Tor said, also looking at it. "We suspect it was made by the people who first lived in the cabin."

Wolf lingered a moment longer and then went inside the cabin. There were five flat beds and each was against a wall with a shelf over it. Wolf went to the bed to his left that had a window that looked directly out to the lake. He noticed that that section of the lake wasn't in the restricted area. 'Too bad' Wolf thought, 'I could've gone out there whenever I wanted.'

After about fifteen minutes, Wolf had unpacked his bag and made the bed. He then turned to the others who were carrying on a conversation. However, they stopped when they noticed Wolf listening.

"What were you talking about?" Wolf asked.

"Nothing of importance." Ash replied.

After a moment of silence, Wolf finally asked, "So, what's this ghost story that John's refusing to tell me?"

"That's nothing of importance either." Tor said quietly.

"Why not?"

"Because it's better if you didn't know." Spencer replied.

"Ah, come on. I can take a simple ghost story." Wolf said.

"Ah, but can you take the consequences?" John asked.

"I doubt there's any consequence to a story." Wolf said. He was starting to get annoyed. Was the story some sort of camp secret? Some sort of secret that newbies had to go through trials to find out?

"Look," Ash finally said. "You'll find out … but not now. Wait a week or so, and then we'll tell you."

Slowly, the girl began to wade into the lake and eventually, she began to swim out towards the middle. She felt that she was being pulled towards the center but she didn't take any notice of it; that's what's dangerous about the lake you see, you're drawn to it.

Even though her brother and she had never been allowed in the lake before, she kept on going until finally she was at the center. She looked down and saw the ship that had been intentionally sunk a few years before. There was no sign of her brother, but there was a glimmer in the water. And when she saw it, she dove down into the lake. She swam down and down until she felt as though she'd touch the ship and suddenly, she could no longer swim; it was if something was pulling her down. After a little while, she drowned and her body remained there in the lake …

The first week of camp was enjoyable. It reminded Wolf of a summer-long gym class except without teachers. They always played sports and they would swim and have fun and simply be teenagers.

The only part of the camp that annoyed him was one camper in particular. He came a day after Wolf's group had arrived and Wolf took an immediate disliking towards him.

His name was Will Wilson and he too was an immortal. He, however, was a highbred; he was a wolf but had the brain of a dog.

Will and Wolf had many fights but Wolf always came out on top in the end. Will was stupid and it gave Wolf a major advantage.

However, by the time Friday came around, Wolf was content with the camp; he enjoyed the atmosphere, the activities, and the people. He found himself quite willing to stay there for the next two months. However, he was annoyed that no one would tell him the story or claim not to know it, but it left his mind eventually.

That night, the boys gathered around a campfire in front of the cabin and about twenty feet away from the lake. They had joked and roasted hot dogs for about an hour but Will and a small group of cronies he had gathered up in the past week interrupted them.

"You know." He said in an over-exaggerated tone. "It's really hot out here … a dip in the lake would be nice."

"You're not allowed in the lake after dark." John stated.

"Screw the rules. I'll do whatever I want." Will then went to the lake and took off his shirt and threw it to one of his cronies.

He swam out about thirty feet and was bragging about how nice and cool the water was and how the group was a bunch of sissies for not coming in too.

"… Do you notice what direction he's going in?" Tor asked quietly.

"Yes, I do." Ash replied. "He'll soon learn."

The girl wasn't discovered dead until the mother came back from her errands of gathering food. However, the mother didn't know that she was in the lake. The mother also looked for the brother but he too, was missing. A week after the disappearances, the mother left the cabin forever.

In the early 60's this place became a camp for the adolescence and was quite popular at first because of the beautiful landscape.

However, they soon found that it was not as nice as it seemed.

One day, a boy was swimming out in the lake and he went out to the center with some friends. There was nothing wrong at first but then he saw something glimmering in the water and suddenly, he was pulled down into the lake.

His friends rescued them but they never went back into the lake again.

More and more people came to lake and even more got pulled down into the lake. But the strange thing is, only males are pulled down into the lake.

After a while, people grew weary of the lake and they soon stopped coming.

But still, people are pulled down into the lake but they never drowned, they were always saved.

Some say that it's just a joke that the campers play but even they don't believe that theory. As soon as they hear of the story, they know that it's the girl, looking for her brother.

Some say it's because she wants revenge; revenge for making her go into the lake and dying. But others say that she's simply looking for him and wants him to come home.

No matter what the reason, one thing is sure …

About five minutes had passed and Will continued to taunt them from the lake. Wolf began to wonder if the rule about no swimming in the lake after dark was just a joke but since Tor, Ash, Spencer, and John seemed to take it seriously he decided not to give into temptation.

They continued to watch and then it seemed that Will began to dive under. He stayed under for a while and when he came back up, he seemed to be struggling. Finally, there were splashes and he went under a few more times and then finally he went under indefinitely.

The people on the shore waited about fifteen seconds or so and then they began to panic.

"What happened?"

"Is this a joke?"

"Is he okay?"

"Is he going to come up?"

Fifteen more seconds passed and still no sign of Will.

"Should we do anything?" Wolf asked.

"I'm not going down there." Spencer and John said simultaneously.

"I can't. Water doesn't agree with me." Ash stated calmly. Wolf had learned that week that Ash was a fire half-dragon and that too much water could kill him.

"I wouldn't be able to use my powers." Tor said. Along with being a Lorelei, Tor was also a shadow-walker or someone that could travel through means of shadows. Although they were normally considered despicable and quite evil, Tor used his powers for the right reasons.

Wolf didn't question their decisions but instead did the most brave and most stupid thing in his life.

He ran out into the lake and swam out to where Will was.

He dove under and for about two seconds there was only darkness but his eyes adjusted to the dark water and then he saw Will flailing about a few feet below him.

When you know her story …

Wolf reached down and grabbed one of Will's arms and tried to pull Will up. He tried for a few precious seconds and then stopped when he wouldn't budge. Wolf then looked down to see if Will was caught on something, some seaweed maybe.

But when he looked down, he saw only Will and darkness and a glimmer in the water. It looked like it was flowing, like it was moving with the water.

Suddenly Wolf felt very scared and tried desperately to pull Will up.

She knows …

Wolf pulled and tugged until finally it seemed as though Will was released from whatever was holding him.

With great strength and speed, Wolf swam up pulling Will along with him. They surfaced and by that time, some of the camp counselors were coming down the hill from the main cabin with some floatation devices. But Wolf wasn't tired from the struggle and he swam to shore. About half-way there, the counselors took Will who discovered that he was still alive. He began to babble nonsense as they took him to the shore and then up to the main cabin where the nurse's office was.

He kept saying, "There was a girl! A girl down there, I swear it!"

But they told him that the lack of oxygen to his brain had caused him to have hallucinations. He kept saying that he felt her and saw her but eventually his protests were drowned out by their reasoning.

Wolf, panting slightly and sopping wet stood with his group. Silence filled the space between them before Wolf finally spoke up.

"What was that?… Just now?" Wolf asked in a hoarse whisper.

And when you talk about her …

"That was the girl in the story." Tor replied.

"But you never told me the story." Wolf said.

"We plan to right now." Spencer stated.

"But be warned Wolf …" Ash said quietly. "Since you're about to learn the story, you'll be next."

She comes.

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