Freedom Lover

It took so many seconds
Some staring at the clock
To finally ask you about the time
You had the time
And I had the smile
That caught you in my web
That I so cleverly spun
So I could have an excuse to kiss you
Especially in the rain
Because I thought you were so wonderful
But now its time to go

I dare not say I love you
If I did I would hurt you
Because you cannot be tied down
A freedom lover
You love to love freely
So you can love someone else then me
I dare not say I love you
I would be dreaming
Because you are someone
I could never have
Because I want you so

You told me to meet you at the café for tea
You finally realized coffee's too strong for me
I told you to wear that dress
The one you wore when we met for easy access
But I made you take it off anyway
Past the door to my apartment
Drop the keys on the floor right where I meant
To love you right then and there
But it does not take much to scare
You about your commitment
So I wait in silent envy for your freedom lover

I dare not say I love you
If I did I would hurt you
Since you are never tied down
A freedom lover
You will always love whom you please
Even if I ask you to marry me
Staring out the window to the rain
You will miss your early days of pain
But is never your heart you break
Only the men you love and leave
Like poor fools like me