And why did you choose me to live in a world of shadows?
In a world of make-believe with no one there to guide me?
Why was I the one, why was I the less fortunate one, the poor, poor baby,
The one with potential but no drive, the one who almost reached you but
couldn't quite do it,
The one who was falsely accused of everything, the one everyone said sorry
to but never meant it
And why wasn't it her, why is she so perfect? Is it because she wears that
flirty skirt better Because she can be such a fucking slut better than I
can because she got an A because I got a B
And why, why, why is it her who gets them on her side and off of mine
He dreams about her, too, not just me or so he admits, what is so great,
why can't I see?
Or maybe
I just don't want to
Because I can't