I Wrote This For You

I love you my angel,
my midsummers dream.
When you touch me i feel it
in places unseen.
Your perfect i know it
my fairytale beau
now that were together,
loves all that i know.

I Wrote this for you
and only for you.
My secret captor
my gentle friend.
the one who in hard times
pulls us through
i wrote this for you.

My love has slowly
turned to hate.
My soul just met
its fiery fate.
i need you
but it seems you dont.
you said not to touch you
so i think that i wont.
Your wretched now
and i think i see
that you never wanted
to be with me.

I wrote this for you
but now just for me.
my secret captor
set me free.
My gentle friend
just left without.
it started for you
but as it turns out.
I wrote this for me.