By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was the Nineth day of August that we were finally able to produce the final results of Project:Multiplicator,which was a process in which we were able to clone a living human being with a single cell of blood from the original--and since we weren't able to find the right human subject for the job,one of our own,Doctor Jessica Hawkins has volunteered to donate some of her blood to the project.

After she had given us the blood,we had placed the blood cell inside a giant incubator,activated the machine and watched with a sense of awe as that one cell of human blood had started to grow into a human infant in a matter of minutes--and yet,there were still some of us within our very own laboratory who still feel that we weren't meant to fool around with God's handiwork just like a certain Doctor Victor Von Frankenstein.

And then,another few minutes later,I've checked on the subject in the incubator and realized that they might've been right,for the subject had once again rapidly grown--this time,from a little baby girl to a female teenager.

And at that moment,I really was starting to wonder about whether we've had the right to do what we were doing or not.

An hour later,after I've done enough soul-searching for the rest of us,I've decided to call the whole project off and hope that someone else doesn't get any ideas about reactivating it.

But before I was about to do so,I've decided to take another look at the subject inside the incubator--and was shocked to discover the teenager has grown into its final stage--that of a full-grown adult--a certain Amanda Bearse type named Doctor Jessica


And after it had signaled that the growth process has finally been compleated,I've opened the lid of the incubator,helped the clone out of the machine and gazed upon her flawless beauty.

But that was before I've made the mistake of placing my gentle hand on her cheek and wound up getting my teeth punched in and having her kick me right in the groin,before smashing a door open and running out of the lab.

And while she was looking for a way out of the building,I was finally able to reach the alarm button and press on it,before I've had no choice,but to collapse back down to the floor and become unconscious.

But while the alarm sirens were roaring away in the hallways,the real Doctor Jessica Hawkins had picked that one moment to step out of her office,look around and see what all the excitement was about,only to find herself face-to-face with her very own clone.

And just as she was about to ask her double who she was and what she was doing there,the clone has punched her lights out,dragged her back inside her office and removed all of her clothes.

Then,after she had placed the stripped bare Jessica on her desk and firmly tied her to it,the clone has walked out of the office and walked past the charging security guards and out the front door of the building.

Once outside,the clone was able to let out her first smile,for she had first set her eyes on the Big Apple itself,New York City--and while the clone was walking around and enjoying the very sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps,I've came to and heard someone screaming her head off outside the lab.

And so,with my head still pounding,I've walked out of the lab and saw the security guards drag the real Jessica back to the lab,thinking that she was the clone.

But when I've looked into her eyes and noticed that there was something inside them that makes her the one and only original,I've ordered the guards to release her.

After they had done so and I've gave Jessica something for her to wear,we've walked into the security office to view a videotape and find out which exit the clone had taken to leave the building.

Meanwhile,somewhere within the hussel and bussel of Times Square,the clone had looked up at the Macy's Department Store building and was awestruck at how tall it was.

Just then,someone had placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and caused the clone to turn quickly around and see who it was behind her.

And after she had noticed that a smiling beautiful woman was the one who was standing behind her,the stranger has raised her hand and told her to take it easy,for she had just wanted to be her friend.

The stranger's name was Cassandra Langowski and she was on her way to a movie shoot--and after she had invited her newfound friend to join her,the clone had agreed to go with her,not knowing what type of movie shoot it actually was.

Just then,after both Cassandra and the clone had arrived at the place where they were holding the movie shoot,the clone was shocked to notice that it was actually a shoot for an x-rated movie.

And while the director was trying to calm the clone down and explain to her that its the only monkey-making game in town,the enraged clone had instead punched him right in the stomach really hard,which had caused him to fall down to the floor and be out cold.

And after she had looked at the shocked look on her newfound friend's face and realized that she has the ability to do more harm than good,the clone had offfered her apologies and walked out of the room.

Now,we still weren't able to find the clone and bring her back to the lab,I've got a feeling that she'll be able to find peace for herself.