Have you ever noticed in movies when the protagonist and its love interest kiss, the cameras spin around them trying to capture the angles of the togetherness between the two? The theme song of the movie is playing, making that the climax of the movie. Soon enough after the kiss ends, they pull back, smile or say something that pulls the whole movie together, and kiss again. It's like that for every romantic-comedy. This is sort of depressing. . . if you've never been kissed.

I watched these movies solely for this part. The guy grabs the girl's waist, the girl latches to the guy's neck, and suddenly, they close their eyes very slowly. Lips touch, sometimes the kissers smile amidst the lip lock, and sometimes they laugh or giggle.

Every now and then, you'll see a movie where the situation fits you just right. You're in love with your best friend, so is the protagonist. You're deeply in love with the guy who works with you, so is the protagonist. You're into your brother's friend, so is the protagonist. The plot of these movies always comes down to a simple version such as this. But even if the situation is similar, the ending never turns out the same, does it?

You don't get to kiss the guy or girl of your dreams. You watch them from afar, ogling their sense of humor, deep eyes, and gorgeous smile. Everything's depressing like that.

But what if you were to take charge and make the crush that turns you to mush into your mate? It would be difficult, mind you. There'd be many steps. There would be a long list of embarrassing moments, probably. But would the end result be more pleasing than any movie where the guy is Prince Charming a la Future and is kissing the girl that nobody ever paid attention to?

I decided to find out.