Some are worried,
Some just stare.
And then I wonder, why do they care?
I say to heavy, they say to thin,
And all I know is that I MUST win.
I can't eat or I'll gain weight,
and then myself, I will hate.
I have control over nothing but this,
The reason I do this, they miss.
Counselors they do call,
When I exercise until I fall.
I say I eat, even when I don't,
Me? Eat? I can't and I won't.
I can do what I want with my life,
They say all I cause is strife.
I live an eternal lie,
And all I can do is cry.
They take me and the counselors I meet,
And they tell me to Just Eat.
When I say I can't, they shake their heads,
Then they put me on some meds.
They tell me to take them, my mom says I will,
Overcome with emotion, her voice is shrill.
After a while I overcome my obsession,
I'm doing good, says mom's facial expression.
I know she won't let this happen again,
Because in her face I saw the pain.
My words of advice for those suffering the same,
This is your life, not a game.
For down the drain, my life did go,
And what do I have to show?