Phase 1: Starting point:

On the first day of school I would describe myself as being fresh and ready to start a new year. Everything looked very similar to how it was at the end of the previous year. The new eight graders still looked and acted like seventh graders, the seventh graders seemed like sixth and all the sixth graders were very young. I was the big man on campus, at least in my mind. I have never really been very high on the social latter but now that I was in eighth grade and was older then half the school, I felt like I had more authority then I did the previous year. I was my usual outgoing self at the begging of the year and I acted the same as the year before. I wasn't shy; I loved books and video games, and drawing. You might say I was a bit of a looser or a geek. To me it was just another year. "I managed to survive last year so why wouldn't I survive this one?"

Phase 2: Changes metamorphosis:

Physically, I wasn't tall or short. I was in between. I had already started the transition from a boy to a man physically. My voice was deeper then it was before, I had other features along those lines. Facial hair etc. My hair had turned lighter after spending summer in the sun, and I was slightly tanned. I knew it wouldn't last long. Nonetheless, I was thirteen, about to be fourteen, had no sense of style but I was confident. I felt like school would be the same. How naive. However, after a few days, I realized that school was different. I felt slightly intimidated because I knew I would have to change my behavior in class and out of class. Other then that, I was the same person I had always been. I was outgoing and didn't let people get to me. I knew I wasn't popular but I acted like I was on the top of the world. You might say I was extremely optimistic. Other then these mental states of being, I had other views. Emotionally, I feared girls. I knew that lots of guys at my school had girlfriends but I wasn't ready. Lots of people thought I was gay but I was just not ready for a girlfriend. I had lots of friends and I felt that my focus at school should be on work and friends and I shouldn't be worrying over rumors and gossip. I didn't think I could handle a relationship. Spiritually, I was curious. I wanted to learn and grow in my faith because I had been confirmed in the catholic religion but there were many things that I didn't know. I was learning however. My mind was developing along with my spirit and body.

Phase 3: Changes metamorphosis:

Lots of things in my habits and behavior changed through out the year. Lots of ideas I had also changed. In the begging of the year I was doing well in school and the teachers were going easy on us to help us to adjust to life in eighth grade. I wasn't too worried about my social life outside of my friends and I spent a lot of time just being me. I didn't feel like the world would accept me for being who I am so I wasn't very outgoing around people who didn't' like me that much. I made a few new friends though. I also was organized. I knew exactly what homework I had and when it was due, my papers were in order, and my grades were excellent. However, as the year went on, things began to change. I was encouraged by my friends to audition for our school play but I wasn't too excited. I went anyway and ended up getting the lead role. This role changed me more then I would have ever imagined. I had practice everyday after school and I was already living in a tight schedule. I managed to memorize my lines and all of the order of things that helped me learn to work with others. I was doing well with the production but I started lacking in my schoolwork, especially in the third quarter. My binder got very messy, and I had little time for homework. This caused my grades to slip. When opening night came, I was terrified. I realized how little courage I had. I faced my fears and performed and sang in front of everyone at school. This gave me a major confidence boost. People still talked about me and gossiped but I didn't care as much and confronted people easier. I was starting to realize that I wasn't going to be the same forever. I knew that school and everything else would just get more difficult from now on. I started writing poems and expressing myself more. I even joined an online writing club where people could comment my work.

Phase 4: Where I Am Now:

Today I am a much different person. I can stand up for what I believe in, for one, because I actually know myself what I believe in. I'm outgoing and more confident in myself as far as my talents. I get lots of compliments on my flute playing and my piano but I feel like I can only get better. I'm still quite the optimist. I'm still very disorganized. It seems pretty hopeless. I'm getting more responsible because my dad is gone to the states and I have more work around the house. I still dislike my sisters but one can try. I used to think I was wandering through my life in search of who I am but now I see that I am not staggering along. I found myself this year and that is who I am. I know that I will change but that's o.k. I feel less lost now then I did at the start of the year. I love expressing myself through art, poetry and music. To me, these things help define who I am as a person.

Phase 5: Where do I want to be one year from now? :

One year from now I want to have grown as a human being. I want to be more mature and understanding because now I'm still somewhat naive. I want to become even more skilled at my instruments and I hope to improve in my artistic ability. I know that I will be in high school and will have to be organized which is difficult for me. I'm looking at my binder as we speak and it's not pretty. Bleh. I guess I'm trying to say that I want to be more organized. I also want to be able to help my parents more. I think to much about myself so I would like to think more about those around me.