Just something that came to me while sitting on the toilet.



A memory lost in the deepest recesses of the mind, trapped in a frosted web of starlight, to haunt us as we sleep. Playing through the mind, toying with emotions, turning us to helpless spectators.

Lost in thought, lost in sleep, lost in dreams of a life more exciting and a world more peaceful. Visions beyond sight that can only be seen in the velvet black of slumber. But then I suppose in sleep we do not see but envision, envision what we would like to see but never can.

Memories torn from pain that leave a scar across the subconscious mind. Memories of fear and hate, anger and disillusions.

Dreams taunt the mind and dare us, dare us to do, to be, something. Dreams that give us crazy ideas to follow and cause chaos in our mind. Dreams that are the very fibre of our being. Dreams that make us be.


I know, random. R&R.