I pledge allegiance to the flag

Red white and blue of patriotism,
In the best nature of the people,
Or so it seems to those with,
Curtains thrown before their eyes.

Of the United States of America

United all the people stand,
Together holding each others' hands,
Unless you see the lie we live,
Where hatred rules and discrimination reins.

And to the republic

A republic for the people, of the people, by the people,
Where everyone is equal under the law,
Except those of a different color, race, gender, or sexual preference,
No equality for the shunned and repressed.

For which it stands

America for a better life,
A place of acceptance and opportunities,
Only if you have money to pay us,
Only if you fit among the perfect race.

One nation

The nation valued by all,
Where those of stature never fall,
The place where money controls the populace,
And the poor are invisible burdens.

Under God

The father of the people,
Treating all with equal justice,
Unless you break the Ten Commandments,
Or cannot believe at all.

With liberty and justice for all

Protection for the repressed and shunned,
Justice for those who do wrong,
With bribes of money they beat the system,
A flawed system of injustice, hatred, and