I have hit the ground running

I have a singular mission

To spread his love to those unknowing

I must preach of his name in the underground scene

I am gothic for him

He is my lord and king

My heart is bursting with praise

My soul is singing with glory

I must spread the word

This is my cause.

I will advance under a banner of love

His warrior in prayer

Gothic for him,

Gothic for God

Warrior of love!

I rise up and pray in the darkness

His crimson blood empowers me

His fire glows in my heart

With his love I break the shackles of darkness!

With his power I free the souls of the lost.

His word is my sword

My faith is my shield!

With his love I shall fight!

Gothic for him

Gothic for God

Warrior of God!

The power of darkness shall fall

It is no match for his love

His light shines brighter each day

I shall be his WARRIOR!