Chapter 12-- Wishes on Chopsticks

The cigarette smoldered in the ash tray, the smoke rose up to greet the moon, and my eyes themselves gazed up and met his in a profound understanding. He stared at the sky, the stars, wishing for a wishing star, wanting the moon to be the magic genie of his dreams. He was in love; with whom, you could only imagine.

"You know, the best wishes I ever made were on chopsticks."

I tried to bring him out of his world of dreams, but he did not want to relinquish his thoughts. He picked up the cigarette, took a lengthy drag on it and sighed.

"She's so tough, dark, and mysterious, Angela. I have never wanted anyone this bad before. Ever. She smiles and looks at me as if she is thinking the same thing. But she probably feels as if she has no time for love, that she was never meant to be held in somebody's arms. I want her in my arms, not just physically, but I want to be a part of her mind, of her soul. I never even wanted Mary in that way."

So much was said after stares of contemplation. Sadly he looked down and mumbled.

"I did not even want Lita this much."

"Cheer up! You want her? Take a chance. Take these."

I handed him a pair of chopsticks that I had with me.

"Do you always carry these things around?"

He looked perplexed on why I would do such a thing.

"In such occasions as these, I carry some around for wishes, either to be granted, or to ponder about what wishes God might grant me."

He played with the package, and ripped the paper open to reveal the sticks stuck together.

"So, how exactly do these things work?"

"First you make two wishes, two different wishes, one on each stick, and then you pull them apart. The one with the most wood left on the side of the chopstick, that wish will come true. If the blocks are equal in size, they both will come true. But as many cultures warn, be careful what you wish for."

He closed his eyes, and a minute later he broke the sticks in two. They were equal.

"There we go!"

"Remember, do not tell me what you wished for, than you jinx it."

"Yeah, I am staying silent, because I need both to come true."

He leaned back in his chair, and put out his cigarette. He stared up at the sky when something eerie put a twinkle in his eye. Yet it put a chill down my spine.

A bloodcurdling scream sounded from the below street. He jumped out of his chair and peered down to see what it was. A young girl was running for her life. She ran out of breath and screaming in ultimate terror. Who would not do that when two vampires were on the hunt?

"Here girlie girlie!!! Come to Hernaldo!"

"Its okay pretty one, Liliac would never hurt you."

She shouted back at them.

"Stay away you monsters!!!"

The names of the vampires struck me as familiar as I remembered the interesting and suspicious couple in the café. I wanted to burst though with my true form, but Derek was right there next to me. I looked over, but he was gone.

The next thing I saw was Derek running after them with his beloved crucifix in hand.

"Stop! Stop you agents of the devil! In the name of the Cross!"

They did not stop.

He continued running, but he put the crucifix in his belt, and pulled out his gun, but took out the silver bullets. He loaded them in record time, as he ran after them, panting and yelling to leave the innocent girl alone.

They stopped enough only to corner the girl in an alleyway. Liliac held her up to the wall, as Hernaldo went in for the bite.

"Hold it right there!"

Derek was standing right next to them as he held his gun filled with the silver bullets to the head of Hernaldo.

"Lion was right. He does like torturing vampires."

Derek put the gun right next to Hernaldo's head, as Liliac was standing there, her eyes darting between Derek and her lover.

"Lion? You know Lion? Where is he? What as he told you?"

With passionate anger he put his finger into the trigger.

"Derek, you know we cannot tell you that."

Hernaldo was playing with fire and aerosol cans by taunting Derek.

Derek put down the gun into his holster at his waist and grabbed him by the shoulders, and took out a knife and held it against hernaldo's throat. Hernaldo struggled a bit, and was sweating profusely. The threat of all their own blood spilling out before them is always sickening to a vampire, as it would be to crush the plants of a horticulturist, or the life's work of an artist burning before him. Vampires do not drink blood to feed upon; they are just flesh and bone with no blood to call their own.

"You ARE going to tell me where he is, what he is doing, and you will tell me the TRUTH."

He ruthlessly pressed the blade against Hernaldo's flesh and the metal was thirsty as Derek's perspiration tried to make the blade slip though his fingers.

Liliac screamed to protect him.


"Then you tell me about what you know about Lion!"

"Your brother, Lion, asked us to find you. We need your help and you are the only one that can save us. We need to kill Master and it is you who can lead us there and set us free. Help all vampires set ourselves free. Please don't hurt him, I love him, don't cut my love."

She was in tears at this point, and was on her knees, clawing like a cat would a mouse, angrily, but like the cat would a master, beating him; helplessly. The girl at this point had run away.

He put the knife down and lifted her to her feet.

"How am I your savior?"

"It is time for the vampires to go free! It is time for us to go to our rightful place. To move into the afterlife, we have to kill Master, Master is the father of all of us, and we do not know where to find him. Hernaldo and I are the strongest of the vampires, so we must search for him and kill our father for all our kind. Please help us! Please we beg of you! We can aid you with your case in return. We have valuable information. Please!"

She pleaded and held on to her lover as they reunited. Derek had backed off and was breathing very hard, but was relieved he had heard from his brother. Still he was angry at all vampires, and lashed out at Liliac.

"Why the hell would I want to help the beings who killed my Love?"

"We did not kill her, Master did."

"Why should I believe you?"

"We know what happened that night. Master struck again.

"Then it looks like I have my own bone to pick with this master guy. I'll help. Promise me to take me to Lion though."

"We promise. Thank you! Thank you."

"I am going home and going to bed. Come here after sundown. 201 South Market Street. I will have one more person there. We will discuss all issues then."

His mind wondered and wandered as he walked back to his apartment. He stared up at the moon, so one of his chopstick wishes came true, that the truth would scream his name. This sign meant the other one would not be too far behind. He played with the gun with the safety on, twirling it in his hands like a gunslinger.

"Funny, I never knew knives, or silver bullets were that painful to vampires, I have to keep that in mind."

He said that aloud as he went back to his apartment and slept the night away in the arms of a comfortable blanket. He hoped somebody else would join him and the bedspread soon.