Far away, far above

beyond reach and sight

on Venus they await

a warm summer night.

And they, being lovers,

say 'Hold me tonight.

Let us wait for the dawn,

see Earth in it's light.'

Far away, far below

I'm here on their screen.

I'm measuring raindrops

I'm quiet and unseen.

But as lovers would know

the night is pristine.

That which day darkens

the darkness can clean.

Far away, far removed

I might be content

I'm watching the raindrops,

their dance on cement.

But the fog at my ankles,

the streetlamp's lament

They all speak of you,

inquire where you went.

Far too close, far too real

the lovers asleep

away in their cozy

ethereal keep.

The owls are crying,

the cricket strings weep.

I'm lost in the darkness,

Still buried too deep.

Far from sight, far from mind

You're dreaming away.

You're not like a lover,

you yearn for the day.

By daylight, like Ares,

you'll search out your prey.

And disallow nightfall

to lead you astray.

Here I am, here alone

I dance with the rain.

I sing as the lamplight

seeps into my veins.

And just like a lover

I soon ascertain

that hatred and ardor

are one and the same.

Far away, far above

The sun fills the sky.

The Martians awaken

The streelamps all die.

And here in night's shadow

I'm left wond'ring why,

I'm Venus, you're Mars, yet,

I can't say goodbye.