Why does love hurt me so much?
I ask myself why love needs to hurt me so.
And I can't take it that it causes so much pain,
Because every time I love, it makes me so low.

Why does love want to scar my beating heart?
Doesn't it know that I can't undo the pain?
Can't love pick on some one else to hurt,
Instead of killing me over and over again?

How does love know how to bring me to my knees?
Every time I want to move on, it just pulls me down.
I just want to stop all this hurt from hurting me.
But I'm the king of getting hurt, all I need is a crown

Why does love try it's best to shelter me from happiness?
What did I ever do to love to deserve it's deadly spite?
Because all it ever wants to do to me is hurt me,
And it does so every single second, with all it's might.

Why does love just love to hate me?
How can it possibly bear a hate so long, and a wrath so dark?
What have I done? Love just beats me up...
It hurts me emotionally, but on me it leaves it's physical mark.

Why must love turn me smiles to tears?
All I wanted is to be with you, hold you and to love you,
But now I can't stop these tears from falling down my face.
Just as my love for you is eternal, this pain is forever true.

Love don't love me.

Love just hates me.

I guess it's because I love you...