Swift, sharp movements cutting the sky,
She tangos on the beach for passers by,
Making a living out of her greatest passion;
The greatest beauty of spiritual creation.

But she wishes sometimes he would see;
The one in whose arms she feels so free;
Something else in her but a dance partner,
A friend. Perhaps a paramour, a lover?

Black cats and silver serpents spin,
Making them walk on danger's edge so thin,
Between their legs as they twist and turn,
Yet she never feels the sun on her back burn.

Her bronze skin gleams beneath sunlight,
And he glows on the sand with golden light,
Blinding her with a wild, torrid fire;
She cannot give in to her agonizing desire.

They know each other well, and he cares,
But it is not with her that his heart he shares,
Though she knows he has yet no lover,
Every time he walks away she is taken by fever.

So for days, weeks, months and years,
She suffers in silence, drying her tears
By drowning them in the farthest wild,
Where the killer sea becomes the sky mild.

Never dreaming, never hoping or thinking,
That he too could be hopelessly waiting,
For her to show more than bittersweet amity,
So he could speak his burning love eternally.

AN: Well, I think this is quite clear…I apologize for the bold, italic and underlined text, I just felt like fooling around with that stuff a bit. Certain phrases are complex, sorry. I just felt like writing a love poem, lol. And here you go ;).