753 M.E. (Mortal Era)

The sun was fading, an autumn rain of sunlight. Right before sunset. All around town there was excitement still. People all over Terithiea celebrated the day of Lyberia, day of liberty. It was the day the last of the soothsayers, Aeolyn, brought down the judgment of the gods and goddesses to arbitrate the actions of the Demons and of the Angels, previously known as the Immortals. The Demons were said to have been sent to the hell fires of the underworld and the Angels brought to the divine realms to oversee Terithiea with the gods and goddesses. But others say that there was but one Demon who escaped this fate, who roamed Terithiea, a lost soul who was on a never-ending search for the one he loved.

Sitting in her room, Aeolyn smiled as she turned the last page in the book. The End. But was it the end? The historian who wrote this book stated clearly in those words "And then the soothsayer, Aeolyn, took flight with the Angels to the high divine realms to serve the greater gods in eternity. Nevermore was there a need for a soothsayer." And that was how it ended. But it wasn't suppose to end that way! Why, it didn't even speak of her passionate romance with both Raelin and Mikhail! Oh how it pained her to even think of those names. Didn't they know how heartbreaking and bereaving it was for her to cope with the death of Raelin, the loss of Mikhail? And the sorrow was still deep within. Would she ever heal?

And now that book that now laid in her lap, the front cover turned to face her reading in gold letters embedded in red leather Of Immortals and Demons: Fate of the Last Soothsayer. It was a history book, almost. An accurate record about how the reign of man can to be and how the religion came to exist in Terithiea. But nothing else was accurate. It made her smile dejectedly. A history of her life in the past. She wondered if anyone would ever link her to the same figure in history.

She sighed. Have to get out of here, she thought as she placed the book on the ledge of her window. It was something her parents had given her recently.

Quickly, she slipped on a simple shirt of pale blue and dark blue slacks of a sturdy material. With a quick brush of her hair, Aeolyn mused at how little the fashion of clothes had changed from the year 0 ME and now, save for more intricate designs on dress and such. And new clothing material too. Well, technology hadn't changed much either. A few new inventions here and there. New innovations every now and then. But nothing much, really. She slipped out of her room, down the stairs, past the kitchen, and out the door, but not before she grabbed her coat. Did anyone notice?

She walked down the fading streets now, wondering what would it be like to ever try to see into the future again. Would she risk it? The water in the Tope of Mithran or Shrine of Runa would hold the mystic water she needed to see into the future, but did she dare to do it? Aeolyn frowned suddenly as she began to walk further, towards the town. Her home was a good mile outside of Eldyn.

It was well into nightfall when she arrived, the town near desolate with a few idlers and roamers. Other than the new introduction to the idea of capturing sunlight for energy to make artificial light and a few new shops and restaurants, the city had surprising changed very little. Still the structures stood, from the times before the Mortal Era, in the time of the Bellicose Era, the era she had lived less than a year in. Aeolyn smiled, nevertheless grateful for the better memories she had in this city.

How long she had roamed the city, she could not remember. But it felt good to be free of her parents for a change. Out on her own in the city she knew. Funny that she couldn't remember what life was like before she came to Terithiea in the Reign of the Demons and Immortals. Or Angels, as it was more proper to say now. But did Eldyn exist when she was first brought to this place?

Finally she chanced upon the heart of the city, where four benches made of strong stone wore from age sat, encircling a great fountain in the center. Water still flowed gracefully, down from the beaks of the of the two birds perched a young woman, one on each of her shoulders, ready to take fight. A dove on her right and a raven on her left. The water flowed down the pedestal and into the broad pool below the statue. The structure of the first soothsayer was older than anyone could remember. Adelaide, the young woman who's life was the parallel of her own. Aeolyn's own life.

Aeolyn strode over to the edge of the fountain, leaning on the rim, staring into the water. It was a long time since she had any dreams of foresight and even longer since she had seen images in the water. Sometimes she wondered, if she tired hard enough, could she see the true wants of her heart? But it would be hard to believe it could happen for she had lost any power she once possessed now. But just to see the welfare of Mikhail, what she wouldn't give. Did he watch her now, high in those heavens above?

Smiling, she began to feel a sense of soporific overcome her, a sweet lullaby in her ear. A melodic voice, a sweet rhythm in the wind. Aeolyn sighed, feeling her lids heavy. But before she could close her eyes, she saw a flash of white in the sky. Was she imaging things?

Quickly she opened her eyes, wondering if it was time to turn and go. It was not a good thing, she supposed, to be out into the middle of the night and hallucinating. Aeolyn smiled.

"Brings back memories, doesn't it?," a sweet, melodious, male voice murmured behind her.

She could feel her heart stop. Please, oh ye gods, don't break my heart any more. Turning, she exclaimed in joy when a familiar arms caught her in a tight embrace. Cool feathers of white and sliver formed a tent above them both, shading the couple from prying eyes. Soft lips met her own in a sweet kiss, soft and chaste. Aeolyn pulled back slightly, to look up in his bright hazel eyes as he grinned down at her. An Immortal whole again. He laughed at the dazed look on her face as he leaned in to capture her mouth in his, each kiss becoming more passionate than the next. Finally he pulled away this time, laughing in his quiet way.

"Aeolyn, dear one, see? I told you I'd wait a thousand years for you. And I would wait a thousand more years just to see that smile on your face so pure again."

Aeolyn laughed and giving away completely to her emotions. "Oh Mikhail, I thought - I feared our story ended that day," she whispered, her eyes tearing and filled with joy.

He only chuckled and dropped a kiss on her lips. "It will take more than a closed book to keep me from you. And besides, who said our story has come to a close?"

The End