Wings of Hate, Wings of Knowledge

Tell me.
Have you heard me yet?
Or haven't you listened yet?
Toy with my emotions
Prevent me from having social relations.
You want me to be
Intelligent and successful,
Yet you also appear to desire
That I be lonely.

They say that it's lonely
At the top.
But I'm not at the top.
I'm still at the bottom,
Downtrodden and suppressed.

You want to see me succeed?
You want to see me rise to the top?
So relinquish me.
So give me back
My stained wings,
Once wings of naivety
But now darkened wings
Of hate, of knowledge.

You want to see your dreams of me fulfilled?
So give me the key
With which I can
Unlock these chains
Which bind me here,
And fly from this haunting memory
And be.