There are some many things I never got to say
So many things I dwell in today
Time is a blessing
Or so I am told
Time these days is going by slow
I always thought you'd be there
To cheer me on from the side
I always thought you'd be their
When the world forced me to cry
We argued so much
Didn't see each other enough
But mom I hope you know you are my key to the world
My friend
My enemy
My savior
My opposite
Were the same
But not alike
You're a foe
You're a saint
You're an angel
I always expected daddy to leave me first
But with the luck I never have
I was left all alone
Never can call you on the phone
If I knew that day in the car would be our last
I would have never left
God set you free momma
Free of all your pain
Your silence
The drama.