Walking though empty halls
"Halls filled with empty people"
The smell reeks of memories
I can't stop I need to get away
The elevator opens
People talking
"I am left in silence"
The door opens
I walk towards the desk
Everything so busy
"Nothing going on around me"
They hand me the envelope
I have a bad feeling this time
"I feel nothing"
I see them
"I see nothing"
My world spirals into the pits of my most recent nightmares
"My world stands still"
Everyone sees me
"No one hears me"
I climb back as I have done plenty of times before
Sign the paper and crawl back into the elevator
Am I not a good enough reason to stay alive?
He plays chicken between the road of the living and the dead
I sit along the side
Watching my only ropes being cut away from me
I know you are watching
I know because I feel you
My world crumbles to ashes
I need you
I tear at my skin
Trying to relive myself
It isn't as simple as it used to be
Back at home I scurry in my closet with my tail between my legs
A wish I can't fufill.