(A Perfect Start to a Perfect Day)

"Tom, wake up!
Get your lazy ass
Out of bed!"
My roommate yelled
And ripped the pillow off
That was covering my head.

Not a fun way
To start out the day
With your best friend
Screaming in your ear.

He said "it's 7:08
You know you're
Gonna be late
Don't you care about
Your career?"

He said "You should
Really get to class.
I've had enough of
Covering for you ass.
I'm not taking
Anymore notes for you."

"Tom, don't just lie there,
I'm just trying to help.
You need to do
These things for yourself.
You've skipped too many classes.
You know that you could fail
Think of what
Your parents would do."

I said I didn't care
And that I wasn't gonna go
I was up too late
Watching some show.
I just felt too tired.

He sighed,
But before
He left for the day
He turned and said
"By the way,
McDonald's called.
Sorry Bud,
They told me that
You're fired."