You couldn't care less
About the feelings I have for you
You threw them aside
Just like that, I was dismissed
Classified as just another girl
That simply had a crush on you
Something you thought would go away
You've never been more wrong
There were signs, I had thought
That showed you felt the same
But I was wrong
As soon as they showed, they were gone
People tell me that you're stubborn, afraid
That you're hiding from me
I hoped and prayed that was true
But in the end found out it wasn't
There were times when I thought
My feelings had left, that I was over you
Then when I saw you in the halls, at soccer
Everything came rushing back, all so new
You can bet that when I heard those rumors
Things people warned me about
That were all about you, and true
Yeah, I was pretty pissed when I found myself still liking you
It seemed that no matter what you did
No matter what they said
Nothing would allow me
To get over you
This was my life
I wasn't about to let you forget that
I wasn't letting these feelings rule me
I wasn't going to let you hurt me
So I may still really like you
Maybe even act like its love, like my friends say
That doesn't mean I can't keep my dignity
And keep living day by day
I'll just remember I can only look
That I'll never touch
I know for sure, that one day
I'll be over you
Then you'll be the one who feels dismissed
Losing what you could've had
And knowing you'll never get it back
Because I finally realized there was more than just you