Haylo! Welcome one and all to my new story, Shadows! (posted a little earlier than expected) Now, to eliminate any confusion I wrote half of this story BEFORE I read Meg Cabot's 'The Mediator' series. When I read it I was freaked out by the similarities and I almost didn't post it for fear of people thinking I copied her. I DIDN'T! This story is purely my original idea. If you say I copied her ideas I'll cry because I typed all this for nothing. Oh, and for the record, shadows are in no way ghosts of any kind. Thank you and enjoy.


To whom it may concern,

I'm writing it down. I'm writing down everything that has happened. Trust me. I'll find a way to mail this to the board of education or at least the police and let them know what kind of horrible things are happening. This will be brought to justice. I have to be careful though. If I let anyone find this I'll get killed for sure. No, literally.

Maybe I should state name and stuff. Ok, so my name is Kerry Adams. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am in ninth grade at Crest High (or as I like to call it, More than Meets the Eye High) and I'm fourteen years old. Which is basically the reason for this document. I have dark red hair (ugh), hazel eyes (ugh again), and I'm a loner. A loner, by definition, is 'one who avoids the company of other people' but this is not the case. I am a loner as in everybody thinks I'm insane so they don't talk to me. Everyone being my schoolmates. Why do they think I'm insane? Well, I am a Shadow Host and they don't know it. If you are wondering what a Shadow host is, I'll tell you. Bleh, here we go.

A Shadow Host is a person who... um, it's difficult to explain. I guess people shadow me. Not ordinary people, mind you. People from different times. Like people from the past or the future. They sort of.. show up every once in a while. Sometimes two at a time. Or even three. No one can see them, hear them, or have any physical contact with them but me. Well, me and my brother. He can too. Or, at least, he used to be able too. Before he was killed. But we'll get into that later. Anyways, these "shadows" follow me around for a while, then leave. It's weird. They are actual people too. Who were alive. They learn about my life and find comfort in it or something. I don't know. They probably see how much my life sucks and feel better about their own. They usually are having problems in their time and are sent to me by something they don't know. It's usually a dream or a voice. After a little while, they disappear. I've had people from the fourteen hundreds to people from ten millenniums into the future. Ok, I exaggerate, more like a millennium.

There is one shadow, however, that I cannot gat rid of. His name is Joseph or Joey. He's pretty cool, like he doesn't follow me everywhere all the time like the others do and he's from about fifty years into the past. Like, the 50s. You know, like in that movie Greese or however the hell you spell it. Only he's not like that. A greaser I mean. He's about sixteen (you know, then and now) and was sort of a Juvenile delinquent. He didn't kill anyone or anything; he just played huge pranks and caused a lot of trouble. I think. He's always so interested in all the technology we have here in 2004. He's also never hesitant to state his opinion. He's cool but he can be a bad ass sometimes. And other times he's just plain annoying.

So basically, I'm seen talking to myself, punching or hugging the air, and looking off into nothingness. That's why I have no friends. Oh, and that and I'm somewhat of a dork. Despite my dorkieness and lack of friends, Joey refuses to leave. He must have had it pretty bad back in his time.

I suppose I should start from the beginning. When my brother first told me about the shadow host thing, when I got my first shadow, and when I met Joey. Ok, deep breath, here it goes...


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