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It was... Big. Big doesn't even describe it. It was down right Ginormous. It was made of red bricks and a black roof. Typical. It looked like any other school except huge. Oh, and for the fact that it had barbed wire around the grounds. It seemed like a perfectly normal school. It seemed a little more chaotic though. My old school was private, as I may have mentioned, and not much excitement made itself known. As soon as we walked to the front steps I saw a boy on the roof. Another kid was lighting his homework on fire. There was a couple making out on the railing, too.

Danny's eyes were wide. "Wow."

"Tell me about it" I said to nothing in particular.

Danny stepped a little closer to me as if the boy was going to throw his flaming homework at us. I stepped to the side and slowly made my way into the building. Looking down at my red mop of hair, Danny made a sort of snorting sound.

Noticing a few girls staring at my brother with smiles on their glossy lips, I nudged him. He looked down at me questioningly so I jerked my head toward the giggling group. He rolled his eyes in my direction. I smiled and winked. After mouthing the words 'not Maddy', he glanced at the girls and responded to their stares with a large (and disgusting) belch.

I gagged and walked a little ahead of him. The girls looked repulsed and turned away. He is such a dork.

In the principals office we got our class schedules. I had Biology first, with Mr. Kosinger. Danny had Algebra with Mrs. Posk. I looked at him. He was studying his schedule. I have to admit, I was afraid of leaving him. He raised his head from his paper as if he read my mind.

"It's gonna be fine. Look, we'll see each other at lunch." He pointed to the paper.

"I'll see you in the hallways too. See here on the map? Some of our classes are near each other." He hugged my shoulders.

"Learn something, ok?" He instructed. I nodded to him and saluted. "See ya."

With that, he threw his pack over his shoulders and walked off. For the first time I noticed how many people were in this school. Must have been a thousand! It wasn't packed with teenagers, it was quite roomy, but that's because the school was so big. I felt alone. Danny was already lost in the shuffle and I was left standing there, probably looking confused as hell.

'Home room. That shouldn't be too hard.' I thought to myself. The hallways had letters. My homeroom was down hallway D and I was in hallway B. Hallway D was east of hallway B and west of hallway F. My homeroom was room 277. God, this was confusing.

As I was thinking, a hand appeared on the top of my paper and pulled it down. Looking up, I saw a girl. She was semi-tall and skinnier than me. She was Asian but had brown streaks in her hair which was a bit longer than shoulder length and wavy with a pink beanie sitting on top. Her eyes were dark and she wore thin-rimmed glasses. She was wearing a Blue Block t-shirt that had a bunch of holes in it over a brightly colored, striped turtle neck. She had on dark blue jeans and pink boots. The only reason I noticed her nails was because of the hand-thing. They were long and painted various pastel colors.

"You're new, right? You look like you're new. Don't ask me how I know, I've just been here for a long time. I'm Basel Kwong, but they call me Biz. I don't know why, they just do." She spoke very quickly and had a high voice. Kind of like when I get sugar-high or drink to many espressos.

"I'm Kerry."

"Like Jim Carey? Oh he is so funny. Anyway, did I hear you say your homeroom was room 277? That's me. I have it too. My sister had it. Miss Bregner is the teacher. Hear she's a nightmare"

She talks too much…

"Oh, did I say that out loud?" I do that sometimes.

"Yes you did. Let's go. We'll be late for class."

She took the map out of my hand and threw it on the ground.

"You won't be needing that. Not with me as your official tour guide!"

"Um..." Was all I could manage to say. I decided to follow her. Hey, she was the first person in this God-forsaken school that spoke to me. And guess what, she was nice. Sort of.

"It must really suck, having to completely go to a different school than you're supposed to." At least you're a freshman like me so some people haven't been here either and are in the same boat as you. Well, kind of. You know what I mean."

I did. Everyone is usually familiar with the high school they are going to go to. They've probably been there or hung out there, or had an older sibling and/or friend who go there. I was familiar with Atlanta Christian High. Danny went there and most of my friends hung out there. No one from Juestolve Middle EVER went over to Crest and no one from Atlanta Middle EVER went over to Atlanta Christian High.

She looked kind of uncomfortable but continued. "So tell me about yourself. Any siblings? Pets?.. Have you ever had cancer?"

Yes, she really did ask me that. I was a little weirded out but… I don't know. She seemed interesting.

"I have a brother, Danny. He should be around here somewhere." God I hope so. "As for pets… I have a guinea pig named Fonzie and I don't think I've ever had cancer."


She looked kind of disappointed. Completely normal. Sure. I was starting to wonder about that school. Toxic chemical spill, perhaps? Nah, then they'd just be mutants. Plus it's way to obvious.

"Sorry, it's just...." Again with the mind reading. Jeez, am I that easy to read? "I'm studying for medical school. My ultimate goal in life is to find a cure for cancer. Cancer is like, really, really bad and no one has found a cure, even though they have the capability for it, because it makes the doctors too much money. I'm going to change that!"

She smiled proudly, putting her thumb to her chest.

"So what's your story?" Wow, how do I put this mildly?

"Well, my mom was fired and now me and Danny have to come here. That's basically it."

"You don't know anyone else who was transferring?"

I shook my head, but suddenly remembered.

"I think someone in Danny's grade but I'm not sure. If there is anyone else transferring, we sure as hell don't know about them. Otherwise I'd probably be huddled in a corner with them at this very moment."

"Well you don't need to worry about huddling, or corners, or hell, because I am going to be your official… well, not necessarily official, but I'm going to be your tour guide. If you don't mind hanging out with a semi-outsider, that is. But trust me, me, Emmy, Ricky, ZoZo, Ann, and Josh are some of the best people to hand out with if you're new. We'll fill you in and out on everything you need to know about, lets see… the pops, or populars, the Skrags, or the full on outsiders who choose to be anti-social, the semi-ins, etc. You'll learn who to hang out with."

Lord, this girl talked a lot.


"Were almost late, come on! I want to finally meet Miss Bregner. I hear she's bald and wears a wig! Let's go!"

Biz almost yanked my arm out of my socket. She dragged me down a maze of hallways and flights of stairs. I tried to count the doors on the way there and it amazed me how many rooms could fit in one building. Moments later I plopped down in a seat next to Biz. Coincidently, right across from the most gorgeous male human being I had ever seen in my life, sitting at his desk like he had no idea of his extreme model potential.

I tapped Biz's shoulder.

"Who," I asked pointing to him, "is that?"

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