A/N: Another poem I wrote while listening to music in my room. It's not exactly based on any song. I just imagined it and decided to write it. The rhyming turned out okay. That's a first? Pls R&R.

by battousai24

I look out, there's a full moon tonight
There are some stars shining bright
The rain is still pouring outside
My blade is right by my side

I look away, and now at the blade
Then to my wrists, so many cuts I've made
Here I am in the silence, alone
In the safety of my room, in the confines of my home

My eyes start to flicker, my vision blurs
The tears start to wel up, soon, insanity occurs
The cutting would start, and so would the tears
And then it would stop, so would my fears

My blood still flows even as I sleep
In my dreams, I continue to weep
The darkness starts to surround me
I don't mind it, I just let it be

And again I look out, there's a full moon tonight
There it is, high above, beaming with it's pale moonlight
The rain's still falling, but I'm still inside
I look at the mirror, I'm pale like the moon...
No wonder the pain is gone
(And the blade is still at my side)

*note: Okay... so the ending sucked. I didn't know how to end it. That's always my problem. Oh, well...