A/N: Okay, so here it is. I did this one, Windows, and Bleed all in one night. Actually, it's already 1.30 AM. Just after making it rain, I decided to write some poems. This one's a bit vague, and short, but please R&R as well. Thanks.

by battousai24

Thoughts of death, hatred and pain
They are all starting to come
My innocence is being shattered
My sanity is giving away

The feelings of worthlessness and stupidity
They are all starting to surface
My soul is being tainted
My heart is breaking away

Actions of violence, disobedience and carelessness
They are all starting to occur
My ming is being smothered
My body is drifting away

Apathy and only nothingness
They are starting up again
Just like before, my vision starts to get blurred
And my everything falls and flies away


Ok... so I'm using blur and occur now. Twice in two poems. Well, at least I'm trying to use new words. *sigh*