I remember their screams, they echoed of the walls, rebounding to my ears.
Their lips frozen in an ugly pose, their eyes wide with an unearthly fear,
what was it?
What was it that made them scream with such a dread in their voices?
What was it that made their mouths twist in agony and seem to melt among
the flesh of their chin?
What opened their eyes so as the world could be seen with one glance? What
stretched their vision, what
made their eyes reflect such horror and terror?
What was it?
What made their bodies fall to the ground and tremble? What made their
blood freeze within their veins?
What could be so frightful that it could kill you with a glance?
What could turn one's skin so cold, it would melt like ice when heat
reflected on it? What could haunt their
dreams with such viciousness, they would take their own lives?
What glowed red in the dark? What did they see?
What made their bodies' quake? Their minds break, and their souls die?
What did they see on that night?
What monster haunts their minds?
Whose red eyes did they last see on this hell bound earth?
What did they last stare at, what did they last feel?
Smell, hear?
The whip cracking from Death, the smell of death, the ice cold touch of
death, they stared into death's eyes.

By Siobhan
Date: 3/June/2004