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                Kyra sat on the bank of the creek, watching the water move slowly downstream.  Her knees were against her chest, her arms wrapped around them loosely.  The cool breeze made her raven hair dance around her face and her dark eyes sparkled as the water reflected in them.  Her black cloak kept her warm in the wind, despite the fact that under it she wore a tank top.

                Kyra looked to the star-lit sky, the moonlight shining down on her face.  Despite the beauty of the night, her face showed no sign of emotion or awe.  She studied the moon, the hair on the back on her neck starting to prickle.  Something happened on every full moon and most of the time it wasn't good.  She would have to be on her guard tonight.

                She got to her feet, careful not to step on her cloak.  She had done that once before and nearly strangled herself.  Kyra ran her hand through her hair, pushing her thick locks out of her eyes.  She turned to face the wall of trees behind her.  To almost anyone else the forest would seem intimidating and eerie, but to her it was inviting.  She stepped between the trees, leaving the light of the moon behind her at the creek.

                Pulling her cloak around her, she turned her head upwards.  A canopy of trees blocked most of the light, though a few beams shone through, illuminating certain parts of the forest.  Though the sight was beautiful, Kyra didn't stop to admire it.  She was used to the beauty of the forest by now, as it was her home.

                At the age of fifteen, she had run away from home.  She moved into the forest with nothing but the clothes on her back and the growing powers that resided in her.  For two years she had lived with nature, sometimes even as nature.  At times, she felt that was the only way she could survive.

                Now, she moved swiftly through the trees, avoiding the thorns of some bushes and vines.  She knew the forest like the back of her hand and it was quite obvious.  Her dark eyes were focused ahead of her; she didn't feel the need to look around.  She knew she was safe here.

                It was some time later when she finally reached her destination.  In the center of a tiny clearing sat a small log cabin.  The absence of trees allowed the moon to shine down on the cabin, giving it an eerie look.  Vines wound their way around shutters that dangled from their hinges.  As a soft burst of wind blew, they swung back and forth, creaking slightly.  As she approached the cabin, the building grew clearer.  The wooden door was beginning to split and its doorknob was stained a dingy red from the rust that coated it.

                Kyra stepped up to the door as a stronger wind rustled the leaves on the trees, pulling a few from their branches.  She bent her head and closed her eyes, pulling her cloak around her.  She ignored the hair that danced around her face as she groped for the doorknob.  Her hand closed around the rough surface and she turned it as another gust of wind came through.  As she opened her eyes, she quickly swung the door open, backing up against it to close it again, shutting the wind out.  With a sigh, she stepped away from the door and into the center of the dark room.

                A dim light shone through the fogged window to her left, casting a bit of light over the windowsill and the floor around it.  The room smelled strongly of mildew and in the soft moonlight, she could see vines winding their way along the ceiling.  The cabin made her slightly uneasy, not because of the rundown look of it, but because of the state she was in whenever she came here.

                She closed her eyes briefly and took a reassuring breath.  Ridding herself of the slight fear that had crept into her, she straightened and walked to the window.  More vines had laced themselves through cracks in the glass and she sighed as she ran her forefinger along one slowly.  The full moon was visible through the fog and she stared up at it, letting her hand move to the windowsill.  Things always happened on the full moon.  And rarely were they good.  Her hands clenched into fists as her lost gaze became a distinct glare.

                Suddenly she shook her anger away and backed away from the window.  She ran her hand through her hair and sighed.  This was not a night to be nervous or angry.  She was supposed to be calm.

                Kyra closed her eyes briefly, regaining her control.  When she reopened them, her anger had left her, as well as any other slight emotion.  She moved back to the window and slowly lowered herself to her knees, spreading her cloak out around her.  She lay down on the floor, the wood cold and slightly damp.  With a sigh, she closed her eyes to sleep.

                A few minutes later, however, the door swung open.

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